Fall fashion essentials every girl needs

It is time to bid adieu to the flowy dresses, crop tops and shorts. October is approaching and with it comes the season of warm coffees, cosy sweaters and chilly evenings. Fall is arriving. As the temperature begins to fall and we begin the spooky, chilly season of winter, there are few essentials that we need to stay fashion forward. Fall fashion offers a diverse range of options that range from being simple and comfy to exquisite style pieces. However, there are a few fall fashion essentials that remain staple through all the fashion styles, and here are 3 such essentials that every girl needs in her wardrobe.


The oversized sweater

Oversized clothings have a unique way of accentuating our style while continuing to be extremely comfortable. A simple oversized sweater paired with some knit leggings or denims can make a perfect movie-night look. Pair with with a cute skirt and boots and you have the perfect date night look. The diverse ways that this can be styled and the sheer comfort of this clothing piece makes it a must-have.



The chic boots

Boots are a winter essential that not only keeps your feet soft and protected, but also pulls your entire attire together.

Having a pair of chic black or suede boots is an easy way to turn your outfit around. Whether you are wearing regular jeans and sweatshirts or a sweater dress, your neutral shade boots can be paired with almost anything and instantly make the outfit more fall-ready.


The long shrug

While we have all loved and appreciated the long jackets that keep us comfortable. They are not always the most comfortable to style. However, the long woolen shrugs come as a perfect substitute. The long shrugs not only keep us warm but are easy to wear, style and carry. They are a go to fall essential that can add a pop of colour to your casual jeans and tees or even pull together your attire.


So now that we know what our wardrobe needs, let’s get shopping!

By Naina

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