5 Brand Destinations for Modest Swimwear

Staying stylish yet modest had been a struggle for women over the years. The increasing demand for modest swimwear apparels has prompted brands to design items that satisfy both requirements, offering customers array of choices. Below are 5 brands that have done just that. Bikinis aren’t for everyone.


Boasting 300 brands and over 30,000 products under its collection, Modanisa is a Muslim modest clothing shop that carries a huge range of swimwear among other things. With inclusive sizing, shopping from Modanisa gives the customers the sort swimwear based on coverage. Modanisa is known for its sleek, modern styles that are keeping up with fashion.


Lyra was founded in 2016 with the aim of designing modest and bold swimwear for women all around the world who were unhappy about the lack of modest swim apparel in the mainstream market. Its designs reflect Moroccan beachside styles merged with classic Hollywood, embracing minimalism and striking colors. Swimsuits are available as sets or separate depending on the customers’ preference. There is also the option to add swim caps that are designed in a turban style, posing an advantage for head covering women to look stylish while keeping their head covered.


Laila El Kaderi and co-founders established Mykiny, a brand based in Amsterdam integrating athleisure with feminine influences to create stunning swimsuits. With monochromatic and bold colors that showcase the minimalistic style of Mykiny, there is swimwear for everyone. Exceptional detail is their trademark, also offering a hijab and turban cap styles for a personalized look.

Maya Square

Maya Square, founded by Mariem Mezlini in 2016, is a haven for swimsuits that radiate femininity with floral patterns and flowy designs. It is very affordable without compromising fashion, incorporating bright colors and multiple pieces to put together. It even includes coverups for the added layer. It is the choice for versatility.

Madamme BK Paris

Madamme BK Paris is the hub for luxurious swimwear with the added comfort. Referred to as haute couture coverage, Madamme BK Paris is the product of Vanessa Lourenco and her education at the School of Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. A dress over slim fit leggings and a headcover is the signature of this brand. When it comes to color, black is dominant across the collection although bright print accents are incorporated in detail.

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