The Qatar Chess Association (QCA) will be hosting the ‘We Are One Family’ Online Chess Tournament on the occasion of International Chess Day today.

The tournament will be played over 18 rounds of Blitz Chess on, and the player who gets the most points after all the rounds will be declared the winner.

The overall winner will receive USD 500 in prize money, while the second- and third-placed players will receive USD 250 and USD 150 respectively. There are USD 100 and USD 50 dollars for the fourth- and fifth placed players respectively.

There is prize money for Best Female (USD 250), Best Boy U20 (USD 100) and Best Girl U20 (USD 100). The top three residents will receive USD 150, USD 100 and USD 50, while Best Resident U20 and U16 will receive USD 75 and USD 50 respectively.

Top three Qatari males will receive USD 200, USD 100 and USD 50 respectively, and so will the top three Qatari females. Best Qatari U20, U14 and U12 will receive USD 100, USD 75 and USD 50 respectively. A win in the tournament, which is open for all with no charge, will earn the player one point, while a draw half-a-point.

If two or more players have the same number of points at the conclusion of the tournament, Sonneborn Berger score will be the tie break. The organizers have urged the participants to familiarize themselves with the Swiss System format at

The QCA has taken several measures to ensure clean and fair play system for all participants, and has said that they reserve the right to ban a player, who is caught cheating or using any external assistance like chess engines during the tournament, from future events and also declare the player’s name publicly.

If your Lichess account is further convicted of fair-play violations, your account will be closed, and you will be subjected to Lichess private proceedings. More information is available on Lichess’ website.

Source : Gulf Times

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