Qatar Billiards & Snooker Federation (QBSF) announced yesterday that they will host the Asian Snooker Championships in November, which will coincide with Doha’s hosting of the World Snooker Championship.

QBSF Executive Manager Mubarak al-Khayarin said that the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic led to the postponement of the Asian championships, which will take place this time in November along with the World Championships.

He stressed that the two competitions will not take place in Qatar unless it is completely safe, and that access to travel is without challenges in order to allow the biggest number of teams to participate. He added that Qatar will host, on the sidelines of the two competitions, two general assemblies for the international and the Asian federations of the sport, noting the importance of the two meetings as they will see the election of a new board for each federation.

Meanwhile, the Qatari federation announced the precautionary measures that will be taken as the sport returns. The measures will include keeping a safe distance, in addition to testing players for the disease in coordination with the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Source : Gulf Times

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