Qatari professional boxer Sheikh Fahad bin Khalid bin Jassim al-Thani seeks to win his 14th consecutive match as well as continue his successful career under the supervision of the Professional Boxers Association in Spain, when he meets Romanian boxer Dumitru Nicu tomorrow in the city of Oviedo in Asturias province in Spain. Fahad has made great efforts during the past period in order to prepare physically and mentally for the next confrontation. He finished his preparations, which included an intensive program and a special two games as he is expected to play a second match after less than 15 days.

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Sheikh Fahad said in a press statement that he is currently focusing on his tomorrow’s confrontation, and then he will plan for the next confrontation to be held on November 23, especially as his Romanian rival Dumitru Nicu is a veteran boxer and has good experience and participated in many confrontations.
He added that he was keen to hold more than one meeting with his French coach Frank Bohic in order to study his previous matches with Romanian rival via video.

Sheikh Fahad bin Khalid bin Jassim al-Thani is scheduled to leave Doha today for Spain for his 14th match. Last October, Sheikh Fahad achieved the 13th consecutive victory during his professional career in professional boxing, after he won the knockout victory against his Romanian counterpart Marius Petri. (QNA)


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