Martial Arts Coming To The Forefront Of Fitness In Qatar

Marital arts is now coming to the forefront of global fitness trends driven by the emergence of MMA as a popular form of sports entertainment.  Evolve has tied up with Qatar National Boxing Federation to launch a wide range of martial arts classes at Dynamik Gym in The Pearl for the residents of Doha, with a focus on Boxing and Muay Thai for all levels.

The objective of the collaboration is to enroll people into martial arts by offering friendly, accessible, fitness-and community-focused exercise activities which hold many health benefits, both mental and physical. Qatar Boxing Federation has sponsored one competition boxing ring in Dynamik Gym in an attempt to give clients a real-life experience, while Evolve is providing 24 fitness classes of all levels monthly in order to introduce martial arts to a wider audience.

Martial arts can be a discipline, a fitness regime, and a form of self-defense that is useful for all ages, with a myriad of benefits for the body and mind: you can expect improvements in cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, posture, flexibility and stress release.With rising health concerns and lifestyle related diseases at the forefront of Qatar’s health prevention efforts, Haitham Khalid, the Founder of Evolve, believes that “Martial arts in general, especially Muay Thai and boxing due to the strength and conditioning focus and progressive skills development through regular practice, can help develop a healthier, happier more connected community in Doha by uniting people through the sport, teaching discipline, relieving stress and providing a balance in their busy lives.”

The sporting spirit of boxing can have a positive influence on everyone, especially the younger generation. It is challenging and builds muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, and the brain, while working on power, speed, balance, agility and coordination. The combination of the work-out space design in Dynamik Gym coupled with the daily classes by Evolve makes martial arts training an interesting alternative to mainstream aerobic exercises.As part of the launch event, an Open Ring Media Day is organized on September 7, 2019 where key VIPs involved with Sports & Wellness in Qatar will be in attendance, along with the public who can train and socialize with the athletes and try their hand in the ring.

Access to new martial arts offering, “Fight Class Pass”, includes unlimited access to 24 classes monthly for 750 QAR per month!

To register or for further information contact:  +974 5040 3234 or

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