The Ministry of Interior (MoI), represented by the General Directorate of Traffic, yesterday called on the public to benefit from its electronic services to complete the vehicle registration renewal process as the requirement of technical inspection has been temporarily exempted.

This comes in the framework of the health and precautionary measures taken to contain the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19), emphasising that patrols will continue with their usual work of seizing vehicles violating technical specifications and conditions.

In a statement, the directorate clarified that 11,575 people have benefited from the initiative until Sunday, while the number
of people who renewed their vehicle registration using the Metrash2 application from March 19-23 was 8,361.

The directorate said all applicants can benefit from the electronic services provided by the MoI to individuals, institutions and corporates through Metrash2 and its website directly without the need to go to the traffic departments.
Further, it said the General Directorate of Traffic has more than 40 services on Metrash2, which pertain to driving licences, vehicle plates, violations, traffic accidents, traffic certificates and other services.

The registration for vehicle inspection as well as payments can be done using the Woqod mobile app without going to the Fahes inspection centres.
Also, the General Directorate of Traffic recommended insuring vehicles online through the applications and websites of insurance companies.


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