Qataris and residents who have a penchant for filmmaking have the chance to win prizes using only their mobile phones by joining a video competition being organised by the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara).
Following the launch of a series of online contests last week, Katara has announced a mobile video competition dubbed “Katara 60 Seconds Awareness.”

“To all the photographers and short film fans, join us in Katara 60 Seconds Awareness video competition. Use your mobile phones and win prizes. Great prizes are waiting for you,” Katara announced via social media yesterday.

According to organisers, the video should be filmed using a mobile phone, not with a camera and the video duration must be 60 seconds. The video must be filmed by the participant and should be in horizontal format and of high quality.

Videos must not contain unethical or violent content or footage and music which are protected under copyright laws.

The winners will be selected based on the quality of the video and the filming techniques used and the message or the story presented in the video, which should be inspiring and out of the box.

The top three videos will win QR20,000, QR15,000 and QR10,000 respectively.

The competition is open to Qataris and residents in Qatar. Participants may send their entries to WhatsApp Number: +974 6601 1303 along with their name, contact number, and Qatar ID number. No signature is allowed on the video.  Participants under 18 years old must attach their parents’ ID. The deadline for submission is April 30, 2020.

Katara will have complete copyright over the video and will be free to use it, including in advertising.
Last week, Katara launched a series of different literary and artistic competitions across its social media platforms with cash prizes at stake.

One of the competitions launched was “The Istighfar Award” which is open to international and local participants and includes several categories including short story writing, short playwriting, poetry writing, and Arabic calligraphy writing.

The set of contests also included “The most beautiful recitation” for Qatari students and a competition on Instagram in which participants had to name the artist who created the painting.

In addition, Katara announced it was to launch through Al-Dad YouTube channel a series of programmes, competitions, entertainment and educational materials such as lessons on spelling and Arabic grammar instruction, as well as information and anecdotes about the Arabic language and stories for children in addition to 60 poems praising the Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him), chosen among the many poems which won the Katara Prize for Prophet’s Poet.

For book lovers, “Mishwar Wa Riwaya” application (Katara Publishing House) offers 29 audio narrations that they can enjoy listening to.

All these competitions and online activities are being organised as part of Katara’s mission towards the community in raising awareness and education, especially during these times when everyone needs to be innovative and creative.

Source: The Peninsula

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