To Moms,

The moment you held your baby in your arms after hours and hours of excruciating pain or the first time you held your child’s hands, was the time you started living for another being. A being that became a source of everlasting joy. The days where you would wake up early in the morning to prepare days or nights, during which you’d close your eyes for few minutes in the background of scream and cries; you were the woman who gave herself to her child. You, standing in the corner and wailing as you witness the first day of school, felt the pain of separation even if it was for a few hours. The first knee scrape, the first fight, the first sickness made you stronger and stronger and through all this, you were the angle of protection, casting your wings over your baby.

You are the strongest woman for your child.

You are the loveliest woman for your child.

You are the Armor.

the Air

the Home.

What makes you a mother is your resilience and dedication. Your sacrifices and unconditional love, without the slightest bit of doubt should be celebrated. And you need to know that it is okay to feel tired, sad, angry and every single emotion that exists within the world. You know why? Even though you love and care like an angle, you are only human. What comes with being human is the need to take a deep breath and rest for a little while. Taking a time for yourself doesn’t make you selfish, it makes you a mother who understands the limitations of being human.

This Mother’s Day, or any Mother’s Day, is a time for you to remember to stand where you are and be mindful of how you are feeling. It’s a time to sit down, sip a cup of tea and breath. Take the moment to look within yourself, be kind to yourself and love yourself for everything you do. Love yourself for being a mom.


With love,


Written by: Bisrat Atalay Tasew

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