In case of minor road accidents, you do not require to visit traffic investigation sections. Instead, you can complete the accident registration process through #Metrash2.

Here are the steps to follow as explained by the Ministry of Interior:

1. Take 4 photos of the vehicle with one of them showing number plates.

2. Move your vehicles from the accident scene and park away from the road.

3. Ensure that the location service of your mobile is enabled.

4. Sign into Metrash2 and select Traffic >> Traffic Accident >> Accident Registration

5. Enter details of both vehicles (Vehicle No. QID No and Mobile No.)

6. Attach photos of both vehicles

7. Submit the report for traffic investigation

8. A notification SMs (text message) will be sent to you asking to wait for another message to complete the procedures

9. After reviewing the accident photos by traffic investigators, text messages will be sent for both parties with instructions to go to the insurance company or approval for vehicle repair.


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