The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in co-operation with Alfardan Motorcycles, announced the recall of Triumph Speed Twin Model of 2019 due to a possibility that the front and rear gear change linkage ball joints could loosen.


The Ministry has also announced the recall of Indian Springfield and Chieftain Model of 2019 due to a possible defect in the circuit breaker (fuse) that may cause the engine to stop suddenly.

This is in co-operation with Protech Powered Sports, dealer of Indian motorbikes in Qatar. The recall campaigns come within the framework of ongoing efforts to protect consumers and ensure that vehicle dealers follow up on defects and repairs, the Ministry said.

It has said that it will co-ordinate with the respective dealers to follow up on the maintenance and repair works and will communicate with customers to ensure that the necessary repairs are carried out.

The Ministry has urged all customers to report any violations to its Consumer Protection and Anti-Commercial Fraud Department, which processes complaints, inquiries and suggestions through the following channels:

Call Centre: 16001, e-mail:, Twitter: @ MOCIQATAR, Instagram: MOCIQATAR, mobile app for Android and IOS: MOCIQATAR.


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