Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros Co (AAB), sole agents for Lexus in Qatar, is offering the largest lineup of SUVs that satisfy every need — be it for city drives or off -road use.

The lineup includes the Lexus LX, GX, RX and NX. Every Lexus vehicle has built a reputation based on value, versatility and reliability. These Lexus sport utility vehicles, which combine off -road ability with on-road comfort, boast of high levels of reliability and durability.

All offer plenty of cargo and passenger carrying capability, good ground clearance and a raised seating position that provides excellent visibility. Lexus vehicle sales are supported by a state-of-the-art showroom, which has two main floors where a total of 34 vehicles can be displayed. “Catering to owners from all segments and having the largest hybrid range in the region, we at Lexus Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros Co will surpass the boundaries of limitation to simply make you experience amazing,” AAB said in a statement.

The Lexus LX occupies a special position in the heart of every citizen in Qatar as they enjoy an emotional relationship with this model, thanks to its inbuilt quality, durability and reliability. The LX expresses its SUV leadership with the dynamic presence of an authentic 4WD.

Built to explore demanding terrain, the strength and 4WD capabilities that enable the LX to confidently tackle tough off – road challenges also contribute to outstanding on-road comfort and driving ease. The 5.7-litre V8 generates the power and torque to confidently tackle the challenges of demanding terrain, and deliver it with a smoothness that takes driving freeways and city streets in easy stride.

A dynamic expression of the Lexus L-finesse philosophy, the ‘Dual Concept’ characteristics of the GX create a highly capable and sophisticated SUV that is equally at home deep in the farm as it is in the centre of the city.

Based on a sophisticated ‘Body on Frame’ platform, the body shell is built on an extremely strong chassis frame that handles the twisting forces of driving over rough terrain, and isolates the cabin for smooth and refined ride comfort, off -road and on-road.

The powerful V8 engine combines outstanding torque for off-road driving with smooth on-road driving performance, together with excellent fuel economy. The development of the RX’s ‘Progressive Sophistication’ was driven by a passion to deepen three key elements of driving pleasure: ‘sophisticated yet aggressive design’, ‘driving dynamics’ and ‘advanced technology and connectivity’, focused on shaping a powerful, solid-looking design with an exceptional feeling of unity.

The smooth and exhilarating acceleration, linear steering feel, accurate response to driver input and outstanding ride comfort elevate the enjoyment of everyday driving, whether turning at an intersection or changing lanes on the expressway. The NX was developed around the core concept of ‘Premium Urban Sports Gear’, a next-generation Lexus that applies an urban focus to luxury SUVs.

It is a game-changing, urban focused SUV with the acceleration, agility and handling to effortlessly negotiate city traffic, the utility to meet the ever changing needs of an active and dynamic lifestyle, fuel efficiency that embodies environment aware values and the sophisticated features and refined detail that are a Lexus hallmark.

Source : Gulf Times

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