It’s Valentine’s week, the predestined time of the year to prove you’re the romantic maestro who knows his wife or girlfriend better than you know yourself—because giving a romantic gift must stem from knowing your partner. If you’ve been married for 30 years, you probably (or had better) know them pretty damn well; but you might find it near impossible to surprise them year after year with yet another gift. The truth is, your wife knows your pattern pretty damn well, too. And if you’ve been dating for only three months, you have a lot to learn, including what kind of gift will strike the right chord without being overly corny.

Therefore, before each holiday of love, a moment of mental gymnastics is required for choosing the right gift, regardless of whether your relationship is brand new or in its golden years; whether you’ve resolved to stay within a budget or make a splurge of a lifetime. Should you really want to woo her during the sappiness-fest that is Valentine’s Day, allow us to help you crush that gift-giving occasion with the following top 10 ideas that have been gathered by conducting a survey on our beloved crew at the office.


  1. A Bouquet of Flowers

Having gotten top on the list of the survey, a bouquet of flowers is always the way to go for a Valentine’s Day gift. From red, to white, or even orange and purple roses, mixing up the colors, shapes, and even flower types, is sure to make you closer to your partner.

Check out our website article on the different rose colors and what each of them symbolises (!


  1. Spa Treatment

One of the most romantic Valentine’s Day presents you can give your partner this year is the gift of quality time together. Away from the white noise of daily life, this is a day you can use to reconnect and enjoy one another’s company. Providing the tranquility and luxury to do just that in style, spa days and breaks are amongst the best things to do on Valentine’s Day.

Of course, quality time can mean different things to different people. For some, romance blooms alongside wellbeing and calm, making a couple’s retreat surrounded by the feel-good factor of a wellness retreat. For others, it’s all about the Champagne, the cuddly hearts, the massages and unapologetically ostentatious decadence.

However you choose to spoil your other half this year, place quality time at the heart of the experience… and don’t forget that classic bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses to complete the magic.


  1. Jewelry

Jewelry has been one of the go-to gifts for Valentine’s Day practically since the holiday began. Nothing says “I love you” quite like something shiny, sparkly, or sentimental, making gemstones and gold the perfect present for any kind of Valentine.

Jewelry has a distinct advantage over roses, chocolate, and champagne because there’s truly a piece that works for everyone, no matter their taste, vibe, and lifestyle.

Our office’s favorite jewelry brands are Pandora, Al Fardan Jewelry, Malabar, and Swarovski.


  1. Homemade Romantic Dinner

Staying home might just be the new Valentine’s Day trend for this year. Mainly because we all want to limit our contact with people and potentially get rid of the Covid-19 pandemic once and for all. But that doesn’t mean that it must be boring and bland.

Making your partner’s favorite food, drinking with her, and even spending the night in doing your favorite activities such as watching a movie or playing a game says, “I love spending time with you” and that by itself is a form of love!


  1. Chocolates

One might think, “which chocolate box should I get?” A dark chocolate box is sure to win your valentine’s heart, but what about other types of chocolates? Buying chocolate for your loved one can be a harsh task, but the following sums up the different types and how you should go about picking your choice.

Chocolates heighten hormones as well as happiness, romantic urges, and energy overall. It symbolizes deep love and passion, affection and attraction, sensuality and luxury. Some relates chocolate as a journey of love, the first taste of bitter symbolize the ‘hardship’ during courtship, and as the chocolate melts, you savor the sweetness which in turns translate to the love between the couples blossoms and when both are in love, everything is sweet and perfect.

Milk chocolate is meant to persevere that sweetness, while dark chocolate might be the choice for those who wish to deliver a message of rough love and solid affection.


  1. Wedding Ring

What’s better than proposing to her on Valentine’s Day. Not only is it the day of love and romance, but it’s also a day of promises. A lot of people propose on this day to express sensuality, affection, and long-lasting romance.

Take a look at what Qatar has to offer in terms of its gold and diamond jewelry at the Gold Souq. Or if you wish to go for something more luxurious, Tiffany & Co, Malabar, and Swarovski are always a good option.


  1. Stuffed Animals

The perfect mini-partner to your partner. A stuffed animal is always a good sidekick to the chocolate box classic. It’s an expression of love and cuddly affection that’s sure to make its punch of love right away.


  1. Shoes

Many shoemakers have dropped their new shoes Valentine’s Day collection. Nike, Adidas, Converse, Vans, and more, they’ve all made a very chic sexy red shoe for both him and her, but today’s focus is for her.

Check out the Adidas IVY PARK UltraBOOST OG Shoes, Nike’s pink Air Jordan 1’s, or an Airforce 1’s Shadow to make their day even better.


  1. Hotel Room

What’s better than a getaway trip? A luxurious stay-in at one of Qatar’s best resorts and hotels. Valentines Day Hotels

Make the most of a special valentines day, end the night with a luxurious hotel in a scenic spot. Many hotels offer valentines day packages that includes dinner and something sparkly. Make sure to let your hotel know it’s a valentines booking when you book.

Start your search with looking at Qatar’s Banana Island resort, Hilton Salwa Beach Resort, Retaj Resort, and Qatar’s other finest hotels and beach villas.


  1. Postcard

From funny Valentine’s Day cards to romantic Valentine’s for her, surprise all your loved ones with virtual Valentine’s Day cards. Especially as Covid cases still remain on the ambiguous unpredictable side of the spectrum, staying safe and sending e-cards has never been easier and more convenient.