With Joshua regaining his strength to be ready for the amputation, All & About is also knocking urgently on your hearts to make it smooth and worry-free. As of 11:12 this morning, a total of 540 out of 3,500 euros has already been raised by 11 people. Our goal is to reach 10,000 Qatari riyals or about 2,300 euros. You may give 5 to 10 euros as every little thing counts. To donate, please click :

    1. Please have your debit or credit card with you ready.
    2. You will be asked to fill in few details in the following order:
  • the amount you’d like to donate (in euros)
  • last and first names (You may even use your Facebook account for this to make it easier to supply your name and email address. Also, there is an option to remain anonymous with only the organizer and the team knowing your act of generosity.)
  • email address
  • country and zip code
  • referee (Did you learn about Joshua from Birgit Marquerite, the founder of Rescue Salukis Middle East/RSME, or a team member?)
  • card information (account number, expiration date, and security code which is the three or four digit number at the back of your card)
  • comment box (you may include a quick cheering message for Joshua and a picture)
  •        3. When you have properly completed all of the information, please hit continue. Be advised that the    donation goes directly to the fundraiser which is RSME and all of the payments made are final and cannot be refunded.


How does RSME truly help Salukis like Joshua?

There are many ways in which this quiet but steadfast charity helps injured, battered, and abandoned dogs. Among them are ensuring they get the medical attention and love they need while in custody and rehoming them to families in Europe and North America together with providing them flight buddies on the way.

In their website, ,you can quickly see comments from those who have interest to adopt. Below them, the dogs which need flight buddies and those up for adoption are listed. There is a brief description and photo for each but you can check their Facebook page for more pictures or videos of the Salukis or directly email the charity at mailto:rescuesalukisme@gmail.com.

AGE: (Date of Birth) Nov 2016

This boy was rescued from a remote area in the desert ….he had a couple of angels who went out there to catch him…

JADID is a gorgeous and sweet boy. He would love to join a family and be part of one. He will be neutered before he will be able to join a family!

At the top of the homepage, you can also see topics that you can go over with to get to know more about RSME’s work and how you can contribute with the most pertinent of all which is “Information about the Saluki” if you are not familiar with the subject. You can learn all about their temperament, the circumstances prior to their abandonment, what actually happens to the rescued canines, and what prospective families abroad can expect before, during, and after the adoption process. All throughout, RSME is present and works tirelessly to secure the Salukis’ future.

All of this would not have been possible if not with Birgit Marquerite and her team of heroes. She saw the actual circumstances for the dogs on the streets when she lived in the Middle East for 17 years and decided to start saving and bringing them hope with her non-profit organization 10 years ago. Her small step to begin carried ripple effects in the lives of many dogs and their new families.

You, too, can take that tiny movement forward! There are other means of supporting the group aside from adoption. You may raise funds, increase social awareness, meet or greet the Salukis in the airport, and foster or provide temporary care for them. In this regard, All & About also wants to do its part in letting as many people know and care for Joshua who desperately needs financial assistance for his successful operation and recovery. Again, our aim is to raise 10,000 QR.

Along with RSME, you may count on us to fill you in with news of Joshua’s journey to trusting humans once more and finding happiness at last. Let’s help Joshua walk again.