Whether you live in Doha or you’re simply visiting the city, there are plenty of instagrammable places in Doha you can show off on social media. To make your stay worthwhile you may want to visit Doha Festival City.

Doha Festival City isn’t just a place to dine, shop and find entertainment. There are also several spots within and around the mall where you can take great Insta-worthy photos that are guaranteed to blow up your feed.


1. Butterfly Wings

Located on the first floor near Wagamama’s, there are two pairs of butterfly wings, each with their own different designs, which anyone can take photos with. Just stand right at the middle and you’ll be looking like a butterfly or a fairy!


2. Torus Sculpture

The piece is an adaptation of David Harber Ltd’s iconic ‘Torus’. This unique sculpture is made from mirror-polished, marine grade stainless steel and sits right at the heart of Doha Festival City. You’re sure to get an aesthetic shot, ready to be posted on your Instagram page at any time! The pattern of the ceiling as also an added bonus!


3. Wall of Roses

Just like with the Butterfly Wings, there are two variations of these rosy walls which you can snap a photo with: a wall of red roses with some grass and a full wall of pink roses! They’re located right next to each other too in the Luxury Area of Doha Festival City, so you can take two pictures in one go!


These are just some of the spots in Doha Festival City which you can take some instagrammable shots with. There are plenty of of other stores and restaurants with aesthetically pleasing interiors as well! Happy picture-taking!


Article By: Karl Belga