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Maserati’s Quattroporte was ours to test for the weekend and oh, what a weekend it was!

The Quattroporte, which literally translates to “four doors” in Italian, is a sleek four-door sedan that absolutely oozes class and elegance. Driving around Doha’s streets with this luxury car was definitely going to be a whole new experience! So, we split ourselves up and took turns driving (or just riding) the car to share with you all, our lovely readers, our thoughts and impressions on the car.


“After Maserati Quattroporte, all other cars feel primitive!”


“What an embracing feeling! The car was hugging you all around feeling like being one with yourself.

Amazing acceleration would push you back while holding the elegant leather steering wheel, you were definitely in control of every turn.

When in need of a break, the car would feel like shrinking to one-solid piece to slow down and stop almost instantly, effortless.

My wife? Scared I bought it… even with a great discount, we would still need 10 years to pay it back! She did not know what to believe… I kept this a secret surprise until I delivered it back to the Maserati Showroom!

What about the family? Easy answer! Yes, this could easily be your family car! Long leg room space at the back, comfortable for 2 child car seats! Son and daughter loved it! Huge space in the trunk for luggage and baby stroller, could not believe it!

Awesome city car! Just do not take it to the sand dunes!” – Tassos.

“Experiencing Maserati is something I wanted to do a long time ago, I was amazed by the smoothness of the speed acceleration and the stabilization of the car while you are on the road. I believe that this car is best for high ways where you can enjoy the speed.

The luxury can be recognised in every single element inside and outside the car. especially the dashboard but I faced a bit of difficulty to use the screen software but I guess it’s all about time.” – George



“Doha seems different from a Maserati point of view!”



“Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to drive the car – no driving license yet- but I could really feel the smoothness while Lisa was driving it.

I am not a car expert, I must admit it, but I do know a few general facts. A good car needs to be safe, comfortable, with good acceleration and driver-friendly. Well, Maserati got me covered. Moreover, it’s super attractive with a truly elegant inside space. What else could I ask for?

So, on Friday night, my lady friends and I drove around Doha streets and no matter how familiar the roads were, they seemed different from a Maserati point of view!

No need to say more. It’s definitely the ideal city car! But in this case, the brand speaks for itself.” – Maria

“The car makes you feel special. From the word go, it sounds amazing and runs even better – like a proper Italian car. We were driving around in Doha’s scorching heat, between 11 am to 1 pm as just impeccable.

The Quattroporte GTS is exactly what I expected from a Maserati.”

Pros for me: Sounds amazing, very comfortable.

Cons for me: I had to return the car. – Asif


Many thanks to lovely people at Maserati Qatar!

Visit Maserati Midde East!


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