We always look for meanings and signs from heavens or beyond to guide us in making life-changing decisions or just those minute ones in day- to-day life. Whether it has to do with love, career, and living as a whole, we also believe in something more powerful than us: instinct, spirit, or horoscope.
Find out the possible happenings from today’s HOROSCOPE and let them guide you as you enjoy the present. Let this knowledge become your power!



The Best Houseplant For Your Zodiac Sign

Plant sales have skyrocketed since the threat of coronavirus forced us to shelter in place. Another hot trend? Astrology. It makes sense given the uncertain times we are experiencing. Plants are something we can control, after all, and astrology looks to the future at a time when the future is impossible to predict.

July 2nd, 2020|

Cancer Season 2020 Will Be The Best For These 3 Zodiac Signs

If you're someone who likes to go with the flow in all things, chances are you're also thriving in your day-to-day life. There's a powerful synergy between the astrological seasons and the phases of life so when I say Cancer season 2020 will be the best for signs with Cancer, Scorpio, and [...]

June 22nd, 2020|

Mercury Retrograde Is Here Again

Well, it's happening: Mercury retrograde is back in town for June 2020, and no, it's not messing around. Adding to a long laundry list of why '2020 Is The Worst Year Ever', this Mercury retrograde—A.K.A. the planet of Mercury giving the illusion of moving backwards—starts on June 18 and is [...]

June 18th, 2020|

The June 2020 Lunar Eclipse Will Be The Worst For These Zodiac Signs

If you're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and terrified, it's no wonder. Astrologically speaking, you're dealing with some of the most intense and dramatic transits at the moment, making your feelings completely understandable. This has so much to do with the fact that eclipse season has officially begun, marking the month of [...]

June 4th, 2020|