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“As the stars take up the sky and dizzy neon lights replace the molten sun, nightlife in Goa, India goes gala. With every party hopper visiting the most popular beach shack nearby, the after sunset Goa livens up with great music and delectable food. With a classic infusion of varieties, it has something for everyone to do at night – be it crazy partying with people from different continents, playing your luck at the casinos or having a beach-side bonfire-barbecue under the milkyway – nightlife in Goa undoubtedly beats that of the other states. …blah blah…”


Goa, India at Night !

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Well, let’s not introduce the nightlife in Goa with such uber cool sophisticated sentences. If you are doing the same thing that others are, trust me – you are not reading the right book or article in this case.

Cut the crap. Let us give you a list of Goa nightlife experiences that would make you a master storyteller of the Goan marvels of night.

1. Milkyway diaries on Waves : Cruise along the waves on a floating tent.

Nightlife | allandaboutqa

Done with night camping on a stable base? Go camping in floating tents. Steal a few hours away from the hip and happening Goa, enjoy the quieter and calmer side. Laze around above the silent waters for a couple of hours and listen to your self under the starry nights. In fact you don’t have to step on the shore for even a second because they even have a floating restaurant and various other boat rides. If you can afford, you spend your night on a cruise. There’s live music, dancing and some delicious food while you cruise along the Mandovi River.

Where: Champions Yacht Club, GTDC Residency, Mayem Lake.
Till: Till 11 PM

2. Beachy Fire: Revellers, let’s set the world on fire.

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Away from all the noise and merriment, watch the sun melt into the horizon and setup your own campfire as the night sky spreads itself with stars. Soothing sound of the waves and gentle wind with a pint of beer is the therapy you need after the day’s hustle. Plan your tomorrow while today waves away.

Where: Find your own solitude.
Till: Forget time, just cast away.

3. Jamm the night

Nightlife | allandaboutqa

Are you that crazy guitar animal looking for a place to jam in the middle of a night? Head to Loekie Cafe with your weapon and destroy the darkness with travelling musicians from all over the world. This blue shack – cum – restaurant rustles up heart-warming local delicacies and organises frequent jam nights turning the place into a lively extempore orchestra and a flash mob.

Where: Loekie Cafe, Arambol.
Till: Till midnight and a little beyond.

4. Silence of the Noise: Noise after midnight

Nightlife | allandaboutqa

Away from the north, nightlife in South Goa is featured by the rebels of Silent Noise parties. Come Saturday night and Palolem Beach vibrates with the silence of this party known as the Silent Noise. Gather around with your folks, plug into the headphones and groove to the music of your choice.

Where: Silent Noise — The Club, Palolem Beach.
Till: Till midnight and a little beyond.

5. Goa on Wheels: The best of night life in Goa for the night crawlers


Majestic Arabian Sea on one side and a quieter road on the other while you ride seamlessly on your bike from north to south. A bike ride through the lovely streets edging the nightclubs of Goa should be an inevitable experience for everyone visiting Goa. Rent a bike/scooty, explore and enjoy the stillness of the party capital.

6. Tiatr Theater: Marathi Natak in Konkani


Did an art bug bite you the other day? If the answer is affirmative, try these unique propaganda theatre performances on current socio-economic and political issues. Try taking a Konkani-speaking Goan along to give you a running translation if needed.

Where: Different theatres registered with Tiatr academy of Goa.
Till: Till 11 PM

7. Flea Mart: Shop till you drop!


Looking for that perfect souvenir to take back home?Are you a bargain-brat? Is that lady by your side a crazy shopper?

Rush to the meandering lanes of Arpora Hill between Baga and Anjuna. A mini party on its own, the Saturday Night Flea Markets at Arpora Hill and Mackies are a veritable feast for the eyes, ears and the taste buds. So, shop till you drop by the next morning, have some freshly grilled shrimps with live music in the background.

WHERE: Arpora Hills, Mackie’s Night Market @ banks of the river Baga
Till: Whole night.

8. Hunger games: “Prodham bhookt, magi mookt”


“You can’t think until you’ve eaten well” – every Goanese stands by this popular Konkani proverb.

Indulge in some serious gluttony when hunger comes calling after you have danced till midnight. Goan cuisine has more to offer than the quintessential Goan curry and prawn vindaloo! Try masala omelette, Beef Rolado @ Infantaria, chicken and Beef Shashliks @ Angaara , Shabnam Chicken @ Fisherman’s Cove. Try delicious poi (bread) egg sandwiches for a late night snack at Curlie‘s – will really hit the spot at 2am.

9. Booze Free? Free booze night at the night clubs in Goa.


Low tax and liberal laws – you can literally find your potion anywhere, any time!

Beach shacks serve their exclusive alcohol while a lot of pubs serve till early morning. Come August and a lot of  nightclubs in Goa have their season openings where they serve free booze turning the lanes into pubs with party animals grooving around.

Where: The famous lane of Tito’s Club, Shores and Guru Bar at Anjuna Beach, Britto’s at Baga beach, Found Things at Palolem beach are few top listers.
Till: Early morning.

10. Crazy Casinos: Gambler Goa


Got some extra shillings in your pockets? Take your lucky charm to one of the gambling houses in the party capital and try one of the casinos. Ships permanently anchored in the Mandovi river run legitimate casinos in Goan nightlife. The packages include unlimited food and drink till you gamble.

Where: Deltin Royale, Casino Pride, Deltin Jaqk and a few more near Mandovi river.
Till: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Live entertainment nightly from 9.p.m. until midnight.
Tip: Casino is fun for those who stay in control of their emotions.

Folks flock to Goa for its clubs and psychedelic beaches. A favourite among the hippies, it has welcomed many year after year. So go Goa, fall in love the other side of an almost spiritual nightlife.


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