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Christmas is all about spending time with family and loved ones. It is the time of year when everyone travels from far and wide back to their homes for the holiday season and what better way to spend it then have a movie night right in your living room with the whole family shebang. We have gathered some new upcoming Netflix movies which will bring the magic of the holidays into your homes.

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A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

We all love a happily ever after, but we also know that the story never quite ends there. Netflix released the sequel to the ever popular ‘A Christmas Prince,’ where Amber helps Prince Richard secure his place as King, and we are all excited for their wedding. Follow Amber in her journey to become a queen and the obstacles that arise when she has to choose between her loyalty to her job or the crown.

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The Christmas Chronicles

Curious and mischievous siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce hatch up a scheme to catch Santa Claus in the act on tape, on Christmas Eve! During their endeavour they accidently cause Santa’s sleigh to crash before he’s finished distributing presents to the other half of the world; ruining Christmas. To save it, the brother and sister duo join forces with Santa and his elves and embark on an unexpected journey of a lifetime.

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The Princess Switch

This story follows the lives of two young women who happen to look identical but their lives couldn’t be more different; one being a duchess and the other a baker. The two, tired of their daily routines, decide to switch places without anyone knowing. Watch and see where they end up in their happily ever after as they juggle each other’s responsibilities, families and love.

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The Holiday Calendar

Abby, a struggling but talented photographer inherits a mysterious and magical present from her grandfather in the form of an antique holiday advent calendar, which used to belong to her grandmother. She soon realizes that every day is a clue as to what is going to happen. What will this calendar predict next – a job, maybe even love? Take this magical journey of love, struggle and hope in this Netflix Original film.

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