For those who are into TV shows that are on the big streamline of streaming services such as HBO, OSN, STARZPLAY, and Netflix, then buckle up and watch the hottest movies for this week! From classic series to plenty of new projects that you won’t find on TV (including more than a few award winners), the collection of TV shows lined up for this week is here to satisfy your need for binge-watching.


  1. Inventing Anna

Producer and screenwriter Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s AnatomyScandal) has become one of television’s most reliable hitmakers, and she turns her attention to a ripped-from-the-headlines story in this limited series that chronicles the rise and fall of Anna Sorokin (aka Anna Delvey), a young woman who became an Instagram star by convincing a long list of New York socialites that she was a German heiress. Julia Garner portrays Anna in the series, with Anna Chlumsky portraying the journalist who pursued the real story behind this enigmatic influencer who stole millions of dollars by fabricating a life for herself among the city’s wealthy elite.


  1. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer’s attention to world-building is one of the main reasons why the anime works as well as it does. The story establishes powerful groups of characters in both the villainous Twelve Demon Moons as well as the altruistic Demon Slayer Corps and the Hashira. It can be common for the villains in an anime to have a team of enemies that they slowly rotate through, yet this feels different in Demon Slayer even though it’s still technically true. The season offers up just enough information on the Twelve Demon Moons and their leader, Muzan Kibutsuji so that they’re compelling and terrifying, but far from overexposed. Muzan in particular is a villain that actually feels enigmatic and unstable. He’s far from the caricature that anime villains can often devolve into.

Not only that, but the anime has had its fair share of movies and yet-to-come seasons to entertain us with what is called in the anime community as, peak fiction.


  1. Euphoria

Though at times hard to watch, Euphoria balances its brutal honesty with an empathetic — and visually gorgeous — eye to create a uniquely challenging and illuminating series, held together by a powerfully understated performance from Zendaya.

The series follows a group of high school students through their experiences of identity, trauma, drugs, friendships, and love. Being based around an American high school drama, Zenda works her way as the main character as well as the narrator to most events.


  1. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan, which is written by Hajime Isayama and is airing its final season every Sunday on Crunchyroll, centres around a boy named Eren Yeager whose home gets destroyed by man-eating titans. Seeing this, he joins the Scout regiment and vows to kill all titans. The first three seasons began as action-packed thrillers, combining heart-stopping fights and animation with what could be the greatest story told in anime. Season Four, however, turns the series on its head and solidifies the shows’ spot at the top of the anime totem pole.

Season Four takes viewers into the other side of the war between humanity (Eren) and the Titans, taking place in the fictional town of Marley. There, we see the main antagonists of the show, but in a different light. Reiner Braun, who is the Armored Titan that destroyed Eren’s home and betrayed the Scouts, is now the elder statesman of a new generation of Eldians who are set to become titans. However, the show quickly spirals into chaos as the war for humanity begins.

Also, Attack on Titan builds upon the parallels that exist between the Eldians on Paradis Island and the Eldians in Marley. What Season Four does so well is to show the perspective of the Marleyans, to drive home the seriousness of this war that’s been waged. Seeing the war begin from the Marleyan side and not Paradis allows viewers to gain a perspective similar to Season One’s initial attack, but this time the sides are flipped. This juxtaposition is one of the most enticing in the anime community and it is the reason why AOT has this amazing dynamic and plot.


  1. Finding Ola

When was the last time you saw a show or movie where a woman gets divorced, gets blamed for it by everyone including her own mother and tries to find herself? The ’80s? The ’90s? It’s likely been a while. But in other parts of the world, some of these old-fashioned notions are still current, which makes it even more satisfying to watch them being blown up. That’s the case with a new Netflix dramedy from Egypt.

Finding Ola is a pretty simple story; Ola thinks she has an ideal life albeit with a few problems until her husband leaves her. Then she has to not only figure out who she is but figure out if she’d rather navigate life as someone who’s single and “free”.

Its subject takes on a bit of a different bent when put in the context of where it takes place. By all accounts, Ola is living an upper-middle-class life that looks basically the same as any upper-middle-class life in North America or Europe. The elegant furniture, luxury SUVs, the massive birthday party, the snippy headmaster at the kids’ private school. But because this is Cairo, the issues around Ola’s newfound single life make this seemingly generic story more interesting.


This sums up our take on these engaging TV shows that range from many different genres such as action, drama, and adventure. Keep on the lookout for more posts and articles, and let us know what you think!

More TV shows are expected to be released soon and next week we’ll tell you all about what’s to be expected – from the new Stranger things show to The Crown.