Following the success of its balcony performance recently, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) has announced its musicians will continue performing every Friday at 8pm from their home balconies. “After last week’s successful performances from the musicians on their balconies, the Philharmonic has decided to make this a weekly series.

Every Friday at 8pm musicians from the Qatar Philharmonic will perform from outside their homes,” said QPO on its official social media channels with the hashtag #stayhomesymphony. It added that the “performances will stop once Ramadan commences.” The 96 musicians of Qatar Philharmonic had their first balcony performance on April 3 to wide acclaim from music aficionados and netizens who lauded the initiative with some requesting to have it presented regularly. In their first balcony performance, the musicians played Ode to Joy, which is famous as part of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and is widely considered as a celebration of peace and music.

The QPO musicians were joined by Qatar Music Academy students and teachers as well as other people from their homes, showcasing the power of music to unify people amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It follows the videos of musicians performing Antonin Dvorak’s Symphony No.9 (From The New World) – considered one of the most popular symphonies in the world — which generated thousands of views, likes and shares when they were uploaded on QPO’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts over two weeks ago.

Through these performances, the Philharmonic was “looking to spread positivity through music and foster a sense of community and togetherness.” The virtual performances also underlined the importance of people following health guidance and encouraged staying at home during the coronavirus crisis. Around the world, musicians have been staging virtual concerts and performances from their homes to lift people out of the gloom while they are on self-isolation waiting for the situation to improve.

While health experts say music proves to have a strong impact in dealing with crises such as the coronavirus pandemic, music also brings people together amid social distancing, providing comfort, inspiration and hope at a time when the world is plunged into anxiety and uncertainty.

Source : The Peninsula

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