The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra would try introducing live concert streaming through television and radio stations, to continue reaching out to audiences virtually.

Virtual performances have blossomed QPO’s reputation. This has opened new doors to reach out to many more. During concerts, Kurt Meister (Executive Director) noted that only the audience present in the hall could enjoy the concert. Now, through virtual tools, everybody can experience these concerts through social media platforms.

Every week, QPO presents a virtual performance segment known as “Concert in Demand” in which five different categorized compositions are played throughout the week. Questions from five different categories are displayed online weekly, which is open for all. The highest ranked composition is posted for the audience to enjoy. Compositions are performed by QPO musicians over the past years.

Holding virtual performances such as “work from home” project activities that QPO has adapted to further widen its reach has not been easy. “Each musician has to practice at home, which may cause unpleasant noise pollution for neighbors as practicing occasionally take hours,” he said. “To practice at home, an adjustment is required to which musicians have to find a solution on how to continue practicing as well as take care of their neighborhood,” Meister said, stressing that these practices are essential for the musicians to be ready for the upcoming projects.

The QPO executive director also underlined the importance of music, in the society particularly in these difficult times. “Music is perhaps the most universal of the performing arts and is found in every society.”

Music is hope, enlightens positivity and illuminates light in a dark tunnel. Music brings the world together and is for everyone,” he said.

Music has no borders. It is a mechanism for humans to connect with one another. It encourages us to share parts of ourselves through the sounds that are strung together. About adapting to the “new normal” in future performances, precautionary measures for the safety of all attending guests will be implemented adhering to social distancing practices, the number of musicians are allowed on stage. There are different stages in Doha, such as in Katara – the Cultural Village and the Qatar National Convention Centre.

Source : Gulf Times

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