Autumn vibes are officially here. It’s October: a month for busting out your comfiest sweaters and cutest boots, going on crisp evening runs that call for that lightweight hoodie, plotting how you’ll spend the spookiest night of the year, and hitting the books or doing your best to get ahead on professional goals, given that summer fun is squarely in the rearview mirror. The tenth month of the year is just as much about enjoying the moment just as much as it does deep reflection and looking to the future, especially since Halloween is basically the gateway to the holiday season.

October’s rep reflects its astrological line-up: Until October 23, the sun moves through social butterfly, balance-seeking, beauty-loving air sign Libra. Then, until November 22, it makes its journey through transformative, deeply emotional, sexy water sign Scorpio.

Libra and Scorpio season—the first all about fostering partnerships and elevating beauty and balance, and the second encouraging us to identify and swim in the depths of our most intense feels—combine to create a month that’s all about connecting with others and understanding ourselves in a much more intimate way, which can, in turn, make it easier for us to morph dreams into reality. The air-to-water energies urge us, first, to take a fun-loving, harmony-seeking tact in our relationships, and then to identify and understand the emotional and psychological roots of our big-picture desires to get super-focused on what we want—in love, wellness, and work—and then get after it.

But the sun’s trips through Libra and Scorpio are far from the only astrological news that October has to offer. Here are a few other planetary highlights you’ll want to mark on your calendar:

  • October 3: Pluto, the planet of transformation, ends its retrograde in hardworking earth sign Capricorn, so now’s the time to reflect on any realizations you’ve had over the past five months regarding power dynamics and control issues in your relationships. It might be time to let go of toxic entanglements.
  • October 3 to 31Mercury, the planet of communication, moves through Scorpio, bringing intensity, a boatload of emotional depth, and mystery to the way you connect with others.
  • October 3 to November 19Mars, the planet of action, moves through Libra, infusing our actions with the desire to please others and keep the peace. Sounds sweet, but stay self aware: It can end up erring more towards passive-aggressiveness.
  • October 8 to November 1: Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty moves through Scorpio, which can elevate intensity, passion, and possessiveness—not only in hookups and relationships but in any area of life where we express ourselves artistically and romantically.
  • October 13: This full moon in competitive fire sign Aries forms a harmonious trine to lucky Jupiter (currently in fellow fire sign Sagittarius), but squares off against transformative Pluto and taskmaster Saturn, which can inspire us to dream big while identifying and accepting boundaries and limitations.
  • October 27: new moon in Scorpio is the perfect time to be honest with yourself about your most fervent, difficult-to-shake emotions, and then get clear on the best ways to fulfill your desires. This is one astrological moment made for setting intentions and making moves.
  • October 31 to November 20: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will require revisiting any emotionally-charged issues you may have put on the backburner. A retrograde is an opportunity to address them once and for all, in order to move forward. Oh, and of course, don’t be surprised when the meme-worthy aspect of retrograde glitches communication, transportation, and technology, as well.


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