If you’ve ever found yourself pining for a movie night but unsure of what to choose, fret no more, because the ultimate list of what to watch on Netflix based on your zodiac sign is here. And I know what you’re probably thinking: do I really need a list of movies about astrology?

Well that might be nice, but this is a list of films best suited for your sign. Because, depending on what your astrological sign is, the types of movies you are inevitably drawn to will vary a lot.

So, to combat that issue, we’ve hand-selected movies based on your actual astrological sign. So, next time you’re set to have a movie night and aren’t sure of what to watch, stop spending hours going through potential choices.



Bradley Cooper plays Eddie Mora, whose rapid transformation from hopeless schlub to published author, stock market wizard, and social genius should feel familiar to you, high-energy Aries. Your fire sign doesn’t need the nootropic pills Mora ingests though — that kind of ambition and charisma comes naturally to you. As does the kind of trouble Mora falls into after getting in way over his head, not having paid initial attention to the details.

You’re determined and demanding, but also impulsive, prone to rushing ahead and massively regretting the results later. Robert Pattinson plays Connie Nikas, a New York lowlife whose big-money bank robbery plan goes awry. Nikas spends the rest of the film running around the city to get his brother out of jail, making plenty of Aries-style leap-before-you-look decisions.


Like Water For Chocolate

A sensuous, sensual movie centered around love and food perfectly suits your often-ignored hedonistic side, Taurus. A generational tale of desire and loss centered around a family’s youngest daughter Tita, doomed by tradition to take care of her mother and never marry. Her emotions become infused in the food she cooks and transfer to everyone who eats it, resulting in some gorgeous but shocking meals.

Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle

A pure Taurus movie about loyalty to friends, stability and consistency when others fall apart or flake, and determination to wallow in earthly delights (here embodied by weed and White Castle). Reliable Harold is stuck with his coworker’s burden, but with typical Taurus stubbornness and loyalty, Kumar pushes him to indulge himself.



Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is the lone person on a mostly automated helium mining operation on the moon, a nightmare for your normally sociable and outgoing sign. But after an accident, Bell’s Gemini nosiness and cleverness lead him to a shocking discovery… another Bell. From there, it’s the kind of puzzle irresistible to any Gemini. The multiple Bell’s actions are fraught with the kind of flakiness and indecision your sign’s prone to, but in this Gemini movie, wit leads the way.

Step Brothers

Air sign Gemini is often shaded as being vaporous as their element — unreliably unstable and with no real weight. But that’s not always a negative, and Gemini goofiness is one of their most underrated traits. Enter Step Brothers, a perfect Gemini movie where delightful duo Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play grown man-children, whose silliness is played straight. Starting off as mortal enemies after their parents marry, the two become inseparable friends whose flighty ideas and infectious absurdity bring sunshine to everyone around them (eventually).


The Stranger (1946)

Watery Cancer overflows with emotion, sympathy, and loyalty. That’s the struggle at the heart of this film, about young woman Mary who slowly discovers the man she married is an ex-Nazi (Orson Welles), hiding in her quaint New England town under an assumed name. Mary is torn between wanting to redeem him with a new chance at life, and understanding the grave nature of his crimes. This Cancer movie captures both sides of the sign: Mary is overly loyal but also suspicious, while her husband is moody, manipulative, and persuasive.

Paranormal Activity

Your heart is in the home, Cancer, and your life is centered around family. Which is why this horror film attacking both is a true nightmare for your sign. Wife Katie’s claim she’s been haunted by a demon since she was a child is exactly the kind of wide, wild imagination Cancers are known for. Her loyalty to her increasingly selfish husband, as well as difficulty expressing to and convincing him how truly terrified she is, highlights another Cancer downside. Katie’s erratic mood swings, suspicions, and resentfulness eventually result in the kind of intensity Cancers are known for.


Purple Rain

Big, bold passion is your style, Leo, and it doesn’t get more Leo-egocentric than Prince starring as The Kid (basically Prince) in a movie based on Prince’s life and featuring his hits. Flashy Morris Day embodies the razzle-dazzle showmanship and leadership Leos are known for, while negative Leo traits like possessiveness and insecurity nearly destroy The Kid.

Strictly Ballroom

Dynamic, passionate Leos will love this film about the son of a former dancing dynasty forging his own path to excellence. After losing a few matches due to inventing his own steps, Scott Hastings is betrayed by his partner (an unforgivable sin in Leo eyes) who leaves him for his competition. Scott, ever the generous and big-hearted Leo leader, sees potential in “beginner” student Fran, whose willingness to trust Scott’s vision will warm any Leo’s heart.


About Time

A sweet film about repeating the same thing over and over until you get it absolutely perfect, rooted in romantic yearning? Tim Lake (Domhall Gleeson) learns from his father all the men in his family can time-travel, only uses it to try and improve his love life. Tim’s patience with the balancing act of past actions affecting future events, careful observation of what’s happening and who’s affected around him, and passionate pursuing of love and happiness will warm your Virgo heart.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Sensitive and intense, Virgos are also excellent at masking their feelings. Which makes Tom Ripley’s deep desire for his wealthy friend’s life go nearly unnoticed until its too late. By then, Ripley’s already well under way with his meticulously planned and perfectly executed scheme to take over. With his cold, cutting analysis of what needs to be done and how to do it most efficiently, Ripley flexes your negative traits while radiating Virgo loyalty, good cheer, and responsibility, all allowing him to get closer to what he wants.


Paris Is Burning

You’re the most aesthetically attuned of all the signs, Libra, with a strong dose of charm and desire for partnership. This documentary of New York’s ball culture is right up your alley, showing families not born, but chosen, as Houses LaBeija, Xtravaganza, and others compete to see who is most fabulous in drag competitions. Your sense of justice will be piqued as the participants straightforwardly discuss their discrimination and abuse in the larger world as well.


In a kingdom at the whim of a decadent young ruler, a military commander has a secret weapon waiting in the shadows — a poor doppelganger terrified of being shoved back into darkness. You’ll appreciate the film’s literal and emotional balancing act, Libra, involving cautious diplomacy and backdoor solutions avoiding direct confrontation. Your love of the beautiful ensures you’ll thrill at the film’s gorgeous choreography and elegant set pieces.


Under The Skin

Brooding, mysterious, and sexy is a description applying to this film as much as you, Scorpio. Scarlett Johansson plays a strange, unearthly woman luring men to their doom with her physical allure. And yet, like you, she remains an enigma, her inner thoughts a mystery.

Immoral Tales

A boldly erotic film exploring all manner of taboos in straightforward yet lush fashion is the ur-Scorpio movie. As surreal as it is softcore, the film is an anthology of sexuality throughout history. It tells the tales of famous figures like countess Elizabeth Bathory, who killed young virgins and bathed in their blood to remain youthful, and the infamous Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of a Pope and long rumored to be a little too close to her male relatives. Scorpios will have no problem watching this amid trusted company.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Rebellion leading to adventure and travel is just another day for you, Sagittarius. The title character’s charisma and versatility draw in the whole town eventually, as Bueller wanders all over the city exploring and dodging the responsibilities of school. His philosophical asides and larger worldview reflect your broader horizons, and his ability to cheer up and encourage sad sack friend Cameron should feel familiar to social and upbeat Sagittarius.

National Treasure

Unfiltered honesty is your strength and weakness, and this Sagittarius film follows what happens when Nicholas Cage’s historian can’t not save the Constitution from unscrupulous thieves. It’s also the kickoff to a nationwide adventure filled with juicy secrets, social rendezvous, and glorious scenery, all catnip to you. Sagittarius are natural learners and flexible on the fly, and though the historical veracity of this film leaves a lot to be desired, the locations and their places in American history will pique your interest.


There Will Be Blood


Here’s a better depiction of your kind of workaholism — perpetually undervalued by those around you, yet wielding your power to create some of the world’s most beloved music and art. Young queen Elizabeth carefully navigates the political minefield, going from naïve woman to stone cold ruler, something you’ll appreciate. Closer to home and maybe less appreciated? Letting her libido nearly crash everything to the ground.



Your deep sense of social justice and offbeat tastes will both be satisfied with this quirky film, Aquarius. Simultaneously a screed against eating animals and the story of a girl’s Terminator-level determination to get her best friend (a giant, genetically engineered pig named Okja) back, the film is wildly unpredictable and surprising, just like you.

The Lobster

You’re often accused of being cold or robotic, but that’s due to your living outside proscribed societal norms. This Aquarius movie explores love and relationships from your point of view, following a man in a world where the single are criminalized. Sentenced to a wooded resort, John (Collin Ferrel) must find a mate in 45 days or be turned into the animal of his choice. Its deadpan humor flew over the heads of many viewers who mistook it as emotionless, a misunderstanding you can identify with,



This dreamy, romantic ghost story centered around the sea is the perfect Pisces movie. Soulemain loves Ada, who’s betrothed to another man. He leads a group of Dakar workers unpaid for months to seek better fortunes across the water, despite none of them knowing how to pilot a boat. When a mysterious fire breaks out on her wedding night, Soulemain, spotted by several, is the main suspect, despite having gone missing and presumed drowned. Suspicion falls on Ada as well, who sees the women around her plagued by a strange fever seemingly tied to the missing men.

Dolemite Is My Name

Though often derided as the hippie crybaby of the zodiac, your offbeat optimism is a strength, Pisces. This biopic of Rudy Ray Moore, a religious man who created foul-mouthed alter ego Dolemite, captures your deep-rooted spirituality and conviction, while reflecting your sixth sense for what’s needed in the world to come. Dolemite ultimately went on influence a generation of performers, just like Pisces’ visions often look to the future.

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