I have BIG FEELINGS about self-care and ways to de-stress, especially when it comes to self-care ideas for zodiac signs. For one, it’s not a one-and-done activity nor a one-size-fits-all solution. Self-care—in my not-so-humble opinion because I am a Gemini, and humility is for nerds—is a commitment to taking care of yourself even during times of stress or trauma. It’s a practice, that requires constant refinement, like yoga or any other skill you want to master. And when you’re done practicing for the day, it’s always there to return to—like a lighthouse in the dark.

It really gargles my grundle that self-care is treated as something sort of “upper-class” or that only the privileged can do. Which is horse shit! Self-care should be inclusive. It’s not about having the perfect, Instagramable space to unwind in or a 10-step skin care routine that costs a month’s worth of rent. (Although if those are your preferred methods of self-care, then kudos to you! Again, it’s not a one-size-fits-all thing.)

And like with most things, everyone’s self-care should look a little different and be tailored to their wants and needs. Realistically, a single mom isn’t going to be able to take a weekend trip to journal about aspirations in a leather-bound book and “get away from it all.” But! There are still things she can do to preserve her identity and humanity.

Anyway, my axe feels sharp enough to stop grinding on and on about this, but here’s the truth: You are the only person capable of and equipped to take care of yourself. And it’s all too easy to put your needs (exercise, eating healthy, alone time, a clean space, whatever) at the end of the list.

This time, I urge you to try something different. Put your mental and physical health FIRST, and make everything else fit around it. Re-prioritize so that you’re at the top of the list. Because, after all, how are you supposed to take care of all that other crap if you’re running on zero fuel?

You deserve to sit down with no distractions and actually enjoy your life and being who you are.

Aries – Unsubscribe to Email Blasts

Okay, at first I was like: This is lame. But honestly, a ruthless unsubscribing spree has done such wonders for my mental health. You may think it only takes a few seconds everyday to delete the barrage of emails you get on the daily (or let them rot in your inbox forever. Ugh!), but it’s existential noise that can add to your stress—just as much as a dirty car or that lingering work project that you just can’t bring yourself to finish does. Unsubscribe and enjoy the blissful silence of email notifications.

Taurus – Plant Care!

 It’s like having a cute puppy, but with lower stakes! Greenery makes any space more inviting, and taking care of plants (watering, fertilizing, cleaning the leaves, etc.) can be a cathartic experience. The more you learn about plants and take care of them, the more enjoyment you get out your plants’ growth.

Gemini – Go For Meditative a Walk Without Your Headphones

You love movement, and a walk for you can be incredibly healing. But to get the maximum self-care benefit—you need to use this time wisely. It’s nice to tune out to a playlist or an intriguing podcast, but this time, try no noise. Just you and your thoughts. See where they take you. Many a problem has been solved on a walk without distractions. It helps your creative mind solve problems, and bonus: Walking makes the booty look firm.

Cancer – Reread Your Favorite Book

Sorry, but it has to be a physical book. Don’t get me wrong—I love Kindles and E-readers and use them quite frequently. But this is about getting away from a screen and doing something that requires your undivided focus.

Leo – Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode For a Full 24 Hours

Respond to nothing and no one. PSA: There’s a setting you can do so that if someone calls you twice in less than five minutes or whatever, it’ll come through—you know, in case of emergencies. But the point of this whole exercise is to focus on exactly what you want/need to be doing, rather than responding to others’ requests and the distraction that is social media, capitalism, etc. See what a day looks like in your life without compromising for others. Enjoy your autonomy.

Virgo – Throw Away Five Items That Cause You Stress

You already know exactly what I’m talking about, Virgo. Those pants you’ve been meaning to hem. That old framed art print that you don’t like anymore but were trying to find a place to hang anyway. A surfboard that you’ve had shoved into your closet for years, even though you haven’t used it, like, ever because you hate sand and are deathly afraid of sharks. Remember: Physical clutter can manifest into emotional stress. So throw it out the window or recycle it. Your choice!

Libra – Set the Mood

It doesn’t have to be a date or special occasion to set the mood. When you get home, put away your stuff and light a candle. Open your windows for a fresh breeze and play some music that makes you feel some kind of way. Saving your happiness or cute underwear for a special occasion will ensure that the small, good things in life pass you by. Make every evening a little bit more romantic. Don’t underestimate the power of a clean room or pretty sparkly lights. It is enough for you to just enjoy it.

Scorpio – Cut Up A Shitload of Fruit

This is actually my go-to self-care practice for when I’m stressed. Go pick out your favorite fruits and then cut them up into Tupperware. If it sounds labor intensive, it’s because it is (for the modern day, anyway. I have friends who order Postmates instead of going to a drive-thru coffee place and it truly baffles me). But it’s MAGIC. Because while I’m cutting fruit and crying, I’m usually figuring my shit out, too. And by the time I’m taking all the various rinds to the trash—I usually feel a lot better. And then I’ve got a shit-ton of fruit to eat. Super-bonus!

Sagittarius – Screen-Free Activities

There are so many of them: reading, writing, cleaning, crocheting, gardening, cooking, etc. Pick ur fave activity that doesn’t involve you staring slack-jawed at a screen of any kind (and don’t be sneaky, okay? This is for you!) and get into the groove of doing something with your hands that isn’t scrolling. There are so many things in this world that want to bring us joy, and often, we are our own worst enemy at denying ourselves the pleasure of our bodies and time to do something meaningful.

Capricorn – Moisturize & Hydrate 

Speaking as an extremely Dry Betch, this is a necessity more than self-care. BUT! Slathering your nubile body with various creams and mainlining water is a nice (freeish?) thing we can all do for our bodies. And you, Capricorn, are a hard worker and one to overlook things you find frivolous. For self-care, consider getting jiggy with it via diving into a big container of Vaseline or lotion. And not just the face! Get your whole-ass body. When you slide into your sheets at night, I want you to feel like a smooth dolphin jumping into the waves with no fear of the future.

Aquarius – Non-Punishing Exercise

I think one of the reasons why some people think they hate exercise is because of how many X-treme sports/routines there are. Exercise shouldn’t be punishing to be effective. Finding exercise (stretching, yoga, walking, tennis, dancing, etc.) that you don’t hate and that benefits your mental health is one of the absolute best things you can do for your body and brain. Find it and live foreverrrrrrrr!

Pisces – Make Your Bed And Declutter Your Sleeping Space

Why is it so easy to turn a bedroom/sleeping space into a gross, dank dungeon where you store all your weird shit that you should throw away? I’m talking about you, Retainer from 2014 that hasn’t fit in the last three years! Clean your sheets, make your bed, and brave the terror that is your nightstand drawer. Throw away/move everything that isn’t absolutely essential, and then exist in the safe, clean air that is your lair of slumber.

Source: https://stylecaster.com/zodiac-signs-self-care

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