Deep breath. This coming full moon in Gemini (taking place on Dec. 12, to be exact) will hold meaning for all of the signs—and not just those with Gemini in their charts, thank you very much. The last full moon of 2019 (and subsequently, THE DECADE) might just be a doozy for all of the zodiac signs. So if you’re looking for what the December 2019 full moon means in astrology, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s take a moment and wonder: How will this full moon affect the natural ending of more than just a lunar cycle? How will this full moon in Gemini wrap-up this wild, weird, heartbreaking and breathless decade?

With charisma and grace? With love and compassion? The answer: A little bit of all those things, plus the general aura of an excellent car chase. We are talking about Gemini, after all.

You see, Gemini loves to communicate and connect with others. And with the full moon in this air sign, we can expect all of the signs to be slurpin’ up this energy (along with whatever non-expired type of eggnog lives in your fridge after your weird aunt has gone home and taken all the good plastic containers with her).

But really, all of this information leads me back to the same circular thought, the one I chew on obsessively in my (limited) free time, a lesson I seem to need to relearn over and over: We all have an internal pace, a way of moving and growing that suits us, and trying to rush our pace or make it more palatable to the masses is a surefire way to flame out like a dying star.

So few of us are ready to face the frenetic pace of doing more, more, more all the time. Or maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m just meant to go slower than most. Because I need breaks. I know that, now. Long hours rereading books on my couch in patches of sunlight, walks in the park listening to Brock Hampton and Phoebe Bridgers and Carole King. I need to navel-gaze deeply and often in order to feel okay and alive.

Anyway, this full moon, try to listen to the pace that your body and mind crave. It’s hard at first—listening. After going about your days for so long, fine-tuning your attention to only what you SHOULD be doing, you may have to be extra quiet or take three deep breaths before starting a new task.

Go at your own pace, sweet signs.

Here’s How the Full Moon in Gemini Will Affect Each Sign:


This full moon will have you feeling energized and motivated to complete projects in order to start off the new year ~fresh 2 death~. Make the most of this time and focus on the things that will have the BIGGEST impact on your life. Prioritizing will stop you from burning out and instead have feeling that much more accomplished at the end of it.



Don’t forget that the moon illuminates the night, lighting the darkness so we can see. And this full moon will do just that for you, Taurus. It will show you a new perspective on your life and may even illuminate current challenges. It’s up to you to decide how you want to move forward with this new information and the feelings that come with it. And whatever you decide to do, remember to go at your own pace. Rushing is not a strategy—it’s a crutch.


This moon phase will help you not only gain closure from major life changes, it will also give you the urge to grow and expect more of yourself. Remember that self-love and acceptance is mightier and more long-lasting than any self-loathing or negative self-talk. Let this be a time where you choose the softer, more forgiving side of yourself.


Your domestic tendencies tend to swing full force during the holidays, which might be at odds with your desire for rest and rejuvenation. Finding a balance of work and play will always be a work-in-progress goal for Cancer. Perhaps err on the side of doing just a bit less—it’s easier to add than subtract.


Why wait until Jan. 1 to start changing your lifestyle? Healthy habits are learned, so the more practice you have with it, the easier it is to make it your default setting. Start small. Focus on just making sure you drink enough water, then on your mental health. Working from the inside out can be transformative in a long-lasting way. Take your time getting there.


Not one to celebrate, Virgo is always scanning for the next project or task to accomplish. If you relate, try a new practice of writing down your monthly highlights and look them over once in a while. Appreciate how much you are doing and have done before looking forward. Celebrate your wins. This mindfulness exercise will help you in 2020 and beyond.


Gemini’s energy can be chaotic and scattered, which may be hard for signs like Libra to reconcile. Try to focus on one thing at a time and COMPLETE whatever you are doing before moving on. Looking backwards at a list of half-finished items can be frustrating, so use your mental muscles to really complete whatever needs doing. Give big, mental decisions time and patience.


Your professional life has taken up a lot of your free time, and the pressures that come along with it can make it hard for your partner to feel close to you or to maintain a balanced relationship. This full moon, see what you can do to make your love/personal life a major focus for a while. Build something sustainable with someone special and see what life has to offer outside of deadlines.


Creativity abounds for you this full moon, sweet Sagittarius. Enjoy the lightheartedness of Gemini energy as you make plans for the future and new year. Follow your inspiration where it leads—even if it’s just to watch bad movies on the couch with someone who makes you laugh deep from your belly. It’s okay to enjoy creativity for its own sake and enjoyment.


Intimacy is important to you, and this full moon may have you craving more connection than usual. Gemini’s gift of communication will help you in telling ur boo thang just how deeply you are riding for them in your heart. But if it’s still too much, try a different approach. Express your feelings in whatever way you feel comfortable—just make sure to express it.


Uncertainty is hard for any sign, but Aquarius, especially, likes to know exactly where they stand. This full moon in Gemini is an opportunity to accept things that are out of your control. You are in charge of your stress, commitments and expectations. If it’s too much, lower them. Everything can—and must—fit around your humanity and health. Put yourself first.


When is the last time you made love and relationships your first priority? Career and community obligations keep you and your busy, creative mind occupied—but it’s time to switch gears and invest in the relationships that keep you energized, supported, and loved.


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