So you’re on lock down. You could spend your time binging on cat videos and quarantine snacks, but how much better would it be to come out of your isolation period with a new attitude to life?

Look to your star sign to guide you through self isolation—not just how to stay healthy but how to stay sane.

Aries – Channel Your Inner Neat Freak

Your action-oriented sign doesn’t have the time or the patience to get sick or to sit around doing nothing so the first productive thing you can do at home is to keep it clean. Hyper hygiene can be an obsession for your all or nothing sign, though you might usually let others do it for you since you prefer to lead not serve! A full-on home sanitising session will satisfy your control issues and get you active too as it’s entirely possible to work up a sweat while extreme hoovering. A clean abode also means a clear head, to stop you dwelling on any ‘what if’ and ‘what might have been’ regrets, either currently or from your past.

A leader like you can be lost without a pack to head up so if you’re self isolating with housemates or family, while it’s fine to take charge and organise things, do avoid being overly bossy. You’ve got to live with these people for many weeks to come. Instead, turn yourself into chief organiser of fun. Get out board games that might not have seen the light of day for months or years, and play card games too—anything that gives you the chance to do your competitive sign’s favourite thing, which is: to win! You might opt to win the choice of which chores you do or don’t do.

If you’re self isolating with a partner, your passionate sign can devise numerous horizontal ways to stave off boredom and burn off excess energy. In fact with so many couples in enforced isolation, there’s likely to be a baby boom as a result around Christmas time. If you’re social distancing solo, invite friends to online sing-offs or to ‘bring an instrument’ music challenges. Add fitness goals and competitions to your group video chats too. Keeping your body busy will help to soothe your mind, and if you stick at it you could emerge from isolation with new musical skills, potentially a ready-made rock band, and you’ll be looking extra buff as well.

Taurus: Join The Slow Movement

You like to take your time over things but life doesn’t usually allow for one thing to be finished before the next one has to start. There’s only so much overlapping and multi-tasking a Taurus can comfortably do, and the ongoing sense of incompleteness is subtle but can have a draining effect on your energy. So what better time to finish things off—at your own pace—than now? Those vegan cookery books you bought but never got around to trying the recipes? Aim to get the ingredients and expand your repertoire over the isolation period. Don’t be afraid to improvise if supplies of some items aren’t available.

Nurture your plants now too—your sign is usually great at growing things—as, depending on the length of time you might have to self isolate, you could eventually enjoy home cooked and home grown meals before too long. Or you might turn your hand to craft to renovate, recover or upcycle your furniture, or repaint a room to give it a fresh and luxurious look, Hell, repaint your whole place if you have enough time, energy and emulsion. You thrive in a calm environment so use this downtime to find a place for everything and put everything in its place. That spacious cupboard under the stairs could become a handy home-office once you streamline all the accumulated junk.

Social distancing is likely to be the real hardship for you as your touchy-feely instincts will need to be reined in, with hugs, kisses and even high fives pretty much forbidden unless you’re on intimate terms with the recipient. But yours is a supremely tactile sign so offer to give soothing massages if you’re isolating with others, with a view to receiving the same in return. If you’re home on your own then pampering yourself is essential for your mental and physical wellbeing. Make frequent facials, foot soaks and mani-pedis a regular part of your routine, as well as tuning in online or using DVDs for pilates or yoga workouts that get your body moving in kind, gentle but effective ways. You’re not a quitter so however long this unusual state of affairs goes on, your sign’s natural determination and stamina may help you to endure it more readily than most.

Gemini: Finish What You Start

You’re one of the zodiac’s most sociable creatures so self isolating could feel a little more challenging for you, but your friends and family are likely to be in the same situation and this is exactly what face-time apps are meant for, so get connected and get communicating. But first get your environment sorted. Alphabetise your bookshelves, organise your paperwork into beautiful binders, clear out cupboards and find old projects that you’d started but never got around to finishing, then either complete them or delete them. Make your space super tidy with no distractions and put everything in order because, for you, a clean home equals a clear and undistracted mind. Then, when you’ve finished discussing the latest global news or local gossip online, use this enforced downtime to learn to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Since your grasshopper mind will insist on having more than one project on the go at a time, so that if you tire of one you have another to turn to immediately, choose two projects and really focus on them. It might be learning a new language, or taking an online course that could ultimately improve your career prospects. Quizzes and word games on the web, or board games (if sharing your isolation space with others) will exercise your mind and appease your voracious appetite for mental stimulation.Your mind gets full faster than other people’s (there are so many things to think about!) and mulling over theories and possible outcomes on your own, especially about the current situation, is not healthy if those ideas turn into worries.

Since communication is your USP, share your concerns, ideally with a grounded earth sign friend (that’s Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) who can help you rationalise your fears. Then turn those fantasies, good or bad, to your advantage by jotting them down. Before long you could have the basis for a novel, non-fiction book or a script. Though it’s far easier just to zone out and watch a movie or read a book created by someone else, how much more fabulous would it be to emerge from isolation with a literary work of your own? Conspiracy theories or love triangles are themes that could inspire you in particular now, so hunker down and let the creative juices flow. Worries, be gone!

Cancer: Strengthen Family Ties

So long as you have enough food in the fridge and a cosy home to maintain, self isolation should in theory be a pretty relaxed affair for your sign. Family-oriented as you tend to be, you might find that you pine for or are extra concerned about close family members now, so if they’re not already in situ with you why not have them join you for a virtual lunch or dinner get-together? Setting up your phone or laptop across the dining table to video chat about the day’s events will help you feel connected and calm. Plus there’ll be the added attraction of no worries about accommodating everyone’s food preferences.

A need to feed and nurture others could turn into a desire to over-eat to comfort yourself, so if you do find that you’re obsessively baking to excess, consider the results as an investment in your immediate future and freeze any extra meals for later rather than scoffing your way through them fresh out of the oven. Being confined to home could offer a chance to rethink your eating habits, perhaps to go vegan, or you might decide to detox from caffeine or sugar. Home alone is the best time to attempt this as you’ll have no distractions or temptations and will only be grouchy with yourself, not inflicting your withdrawal angst on others. Take care with any dietary changes and avoid going to extremes.

Since your sign is often creatively crafty, use the downtime to make or mend things around your home. You’ll be spending a lot of time there so the more comfortable it is the more content and safe you’ll feel. Put up pictures you’ve been meaning to hang for ages and clear out clutter from drawers. You might unearth some long forgotten treasures and family heirlooms. Since family and heritage are so important to your sign, use these unusual times to journal about your journey through the lockdown, no matter how mundane or repetitive it may seem, as you’re making history. Delve into your roots now too and collate old family photographs into a lovingly curated collection for yourself and current and future generations to enjoy.

Leo: Entertain Your Entourage

You thrive on the adoration of others so self isolating is likely to be quite a challenge for your sociable sign. It needn’t be, as posting video clips of your daily thoughts and activities to friends—or to a wider audience—will soothe your ego and feed your need for followers. At the very least you’ll be entertaining other members of your usual entourage, but it might even lead to you becoming a social media influencer if your reports are both relevant and cool enough to catch the public eye and interest.

To make even more use of the time you’re likely to have on your hands, consider a face-time talent contest where you and your crew each create performances to share online. Singing, dancing, writing, acting—anything creative goes. This enforced downtime also offers fabulous opportunities to share skills, so what would you like to teach or learn during this phase? You might excel at yoga, so fine tune your sun salutations and show others how it’s done. Leos are often especially proud of one of their main assets: their frequently fabulous hair, so you might want to offer online how-to-do it hair advice or make-up masterclasses—just because everyone’s self isolating doesn’t mean they have to let themselves go! It’s an ideal time for you and others to try out some new looks.

If isolating solo, your need for love could be extra strong now and the temptation to flirt outrageously on dating sites could prove irresistible. People fall in love more quickly in times of adversity so just be smart enough not to be strung along but equally sensitive enough not to string anyone along. For you in particular, this could also be a good time to rediscover yourself. You often hide behind a (non socially distancing) mask so that others don’t always see the real you. Spending more time on your own could let your authenticity start to show so stock up on self-help books or read up, on trustworthy online sites, about why you do the things you do. More importantly, remember to check in on your friends, not just to fuel your own need for attention but because you really care about what’s happening in their lives. Offer to help them during this crisis and help your neighbours too if it’s safe to do so. Being selfless for others now is the best way to find your true self.

Virgo: Create Something Useful And Beautiful

Your home and hands are already going to be super clean, as your sign is the zodiac’s official neat freak. Since you were right all along and were most likely already prepared for an international crisis you should have ample supplies in by now, leaving plenty of downtime to spend on your favourite things. Health and fitness are among your sign’s main preoccupations so use this enforced phase to study natural ways to stay healthy, especially with the food you eat and cook. This is a time to not give in to junk food cravings but to spend leisurely time over creating delicious, nutritious meals. Juices, salads and veggies are key to your wellbeing, and as you can be obsessive about health, factoring in home workouts or weights sessions is vital to keep life in balance. If you don’t have weights, fill two one-litre bottles with water, screw the caps on tightly and voilà, instant dumbbells.

Creativity is a big thing for you too, so get stuck into a project that occupies your mind and your hands. Making something that is both beautiful and useful is your ultimate goal, so felting or knitting could hit that spot, as could recycling or upcycling items you already have at home. You’re likely to spend time in online forums to find out more about what’s going on as well as to share your news and views about it, since your sign loves to connect with kindred spirits and other wise women. Growing your own herbs and vegetables is also a useful and therapeutic pastime during self isolation, and may help to get you outside in the fresh air, while keeping a respectful social distance.

You may find that others are not so stoic as you, so be prepared to talk down friends, lovers, enemies and even strangers who get overly worked up about the current situation. You’re not only a walking and well-informed pandemic survival guide, you’re a good person to be connected to during these troubled times, as you’re wise, earthy and grounded, the least likely to panic and the most likely to just keep calm and carry on.

Libra: Break Your Own Rules

Since your sign is all about relationships, the very idea of self isolating could make you feel somehow incomplete. If you happen to be in seclusion with someone else you’ll feel happier, but being home alone during these difficult times will test your emotional stamina.The key is to learn how to enjoy your own company and to love and care for yourself as much as you tend to love and care for others. Often you’re more content to go along with whoever has the loudest voice in the room, for the sake of harmony and people pleasing, but this time around you get to please yourself.

Usually the epitome of chic, you get to rock the no make-up, sweatpants, T-shirts and scraped back hair look, so get comfy with the concept of not being ‘on show’ as you learn to relax and ‘do you’. This could bring out facets of your personality you weren’t aware of or had suppressed, allowing you to get in touch with your inner geek, become more self reliant, or learn how fix things rather than to rely on others. It’s vital to turn your home into a sanctuary of tranquility, beauty and calmness for the duration. Add a little chaos to your surroundings now too as changing the feng shui (a subject you’d do well to study while in isolation) could change the energy in your home and in your life.

Since your sign is also connected to beauty, think about exploring home-made and natural beauty fixes. One of the big insights coming out of this phase is to be kinder to the planet so finding ways to reduce chemical consumption in unnecessary forms puts you in synch with the spirit of 2020, and very much on trend. Exercise is also the key to surviving a lockdown, but as well as meditating to trance-enhancing tunes, mix it up with some funky dance routines because balance is everything for you, Libra.

Be sure to keep in touch with others too, as the human need for connection, virtual or otherwise, is essential to your sign’s wellbeing, more than most. Keep a goody bag of treats, perhaps including an inspirational book, a scented body balm, or a box of macarons, as your sign cannot get by without gifts, but only reward yourself if you do one thing each day that stretches your capabilities. Be prepared to embrace the challenges ahead and you’ll come out of this stronger than ever and able to survive anything.

Scorpio: Express Yourself

The chances are that, in a weird way, you’ll really get to enjoy your enforced isolation. You’re a secretive individual, often preferring to do things under the radar, so the idea of having time on your own to do your own thing, unobserved and uninterrupted, could feel more like heaven than hell. One thing that will make it all run smoothly for you is water, whether you’re drinking more of it or taking long, hot, sensual baths. Yours is a water sign, and this phase is ultimately going to be like a rebirth for you, after being enclosed in the womb-like sanctuary of your home for weeks or months. You’ll need to get out of your own head occasionally so bursts of HIIT will get you energised and shake you out of the doldrums your deep thinking sign can sometimes sink into. Emulating some hot tango moves from online tutorials will also add depth, fire and soul to your wellbeing routine. But also be sure to make your space a creative hub and let your imagination flow.

This could be the time to write your life story, or a novel about broken hearts or revenge, or a script for a play or movie—exactly the kind of spooky or psychological thriller you’d like to see or read, but told in your own unique way. Since no-one’s crossing your threshold any time soon, you get to lounge around in your silkiest, sexiest attire all day, and channel the creative muse to concoct a plot that’s deeper and darker than any number of shades of grey. Still on that decadent subject, phone or face time sex is almost inevitable for your passionate sign during this phase, but avoid situations that feel emotionally uncomfortable or exposing, and agree on a safe word well in advance. Trust is everything for your super suspicious sign.

Old time glamour and getting in touch with the past are the look and feel of this lengthy stay at home for you, and you might even dredge up some past life experiences or exorcise the ghosts of bad lovers from your recent history. Returning to reality after such a prolonged curfew might be jarring, but use this time well and you’ll have cleansed your soul and produced a creative work so unexpected that it will have other people’s jaws audibly dropping.

Sagittarius: Let Joy Be Unconfined

Where other signs might wonder how to fill their self-isolation time, your only possible problem is that there may never be enough time to do all the things you plan to do or want to accomplish! Ever the optimistic over-achiever, the days ahead hold potential for extreme fitness, reading all the unfinished books on your shelves and ordering more reading material for your kindle than you could possibly read in a lifetime, but you’ll get it anyway just to be on the safe side. Boredom is your enemy, time is your friend but you do tend to bite off more than you can chew so pace yourself and set a schedule to get as much done as is feasible, without getting bogged down in routine. Your main aim? Finish what you start.

Your sign’s sense of humour will be your saving grace, so fill your days with comedy. Write your own comedy skits or set up an online blog describing the humorous highs and laughable lows of self isolation. You’re also an inspirational guru so creating a hotline or learning portal for friends to keep them filled in on the facts of the current situation and delivering them with your usual wit and clarity is also recommended for you now. You tend to get restless in confined spaces, so make sure you travel in your mind, either by watching movies set in far away galaxies or by making a vision board of wide open spaces you’d like to escape to when all this is over.

And don’t forget to exercise. Rigorously! You need to keep active so look for ways to engage your body and your brain to avoid both areas becoming sluggish during this unusually lengthy downtime. A home exercise bike could be your best health investment now. Your sign is associated with all large animals, not just the horse that’s part of your sign’s symbol, and in isolation you’ll be experiencing first hand what it feels like to be in a zoo, caged and away from your herd or pack-mates. Since your sign also rules justice, fairness and freedom, you might consider using this experience to explore and support animal welfare when you’re finally out of isolation and able to run wild and free again.

Capricorn: Be A Rock In The Sea Of Confusion

Being required to live on less and do without (some) luxuries shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for your far-sighted sign. The chances are that you already have emergency food rations and emergency funds set aside for a rainy day, and this is certainly the time to start using those resources. Pragmatism is your best asset, so while others might be panicking you’re more likely to be settling in to the concept of working from home, and relishing the fact that you’re saving on fares or petrol! It’s likely that you’re the lynch pin at work or already at the helm of your own business so keeping things going, no matter what, is your undoubted priority. The show must go on, regardless of chaos elsewhere.

If you aren’t required to work from home or are not able to, you’ll still see this ‘downtime’ as no excuse to give up your career goals or to let your standards drop. So set yourself a personal routine with achievable aims and stick to it, and make sure it includes sprucing up your living and work space, eating healthy, sensible, regular meals, or simply getting enough sleep—areas that your prestige-seeking sign tends to neglect. This isolation time will most likely be about ‘business as usual’ for you, but taking time out to follow a desire, create a masterpiece or develop a talent, whether it involves investing money or predicting food or art trends, is going to be time well-invested in yourself and your future.

What would you like to become an expert in? Now’s your chance to decide and go for it, with the help of the internet. Stamina and tenacity are your watchwords, both of which will get you through this phase. Be a rock for those who aren’t so resilient and confident as you are, and do reach out to others to make contact for your own wellbeing. You are not ‘an island, entire of itself’ even if you sometimes believe you are, and people need people.

Aquarius: Make All The Right Connections

You’re never alone as an Aquarius, even if you want to be! The internet is your best friend during self isolation or lockdown now, connecting you with communities locally as well as around the world. You’re likely to be totally at home with technology, spending your isolation time learning to create your own vlog or polishing up your own website. You might also offer to create websites for your friends, and this could turn out to be a side hustle for you when normality returns.

Since you tend to know everyone in your ‘hood, consider being the one who gets your community together to help each other out, though if any tricky home situations arise for you, you’re usually inventive enough to find your own quirky solutions. You might even work on a gadget that eventually gets patented and made, as simple but successful solutions often arise during stressful times, out of necessity. No two days at home will be the same for you as your sign hates routine, and so long as you find different ways to fill your waking hours the weeks will fly by.

While you’re a great social connector, you’re also content to be in your own world—with your quirky tastes and rebellious ideas you’re often said to be on another planet—and with video games, sci-fi movies, online role playing games and the chance to invent solutions for everyday problems, what’s not to love? You might also choose to look deeper into astrology, as your sign connects very well with this ancient yet current mystical art and science. You might not be able to travel to the future (yet) but you could learn how to predict it. Aim to come out of this phase with a new interest or skill, and with this goal plus access to music, quarantine snacks and the internet to connect you, self isolation should be a breeze.

Pisces: Celebrate Your Creativity

The good thing about self isolation for you is that because you give out so much of your own energy this enforced period of being solitary will help you to recharge your batteries in a big way. You pick up influences and the moods of those around you all too easily, so social distancing provides an excellent chance to cleanse your aura. The bad thing about self isolation for you is that you really love to merge with people so you will miss connecting with others in your usual non social distancing, close up and personal way. Your sign is, among other things, symbolic of sanctuaries, seclusion and peacefulness, but it can also symbolise abandonment so it’s vital to repeat to yourself how much you are loved by others, and that you’re not being shunned, but that this current need to be apart is for the benefit of everyone.

Your vivid imagination can take you down some dark roads as you’re often better having other people around to support you, so make sure you’re in touch with trusted friends and family throughout the duration. Use it as a time to create too, because your imagination can also soar into beautiful realms that others couldn’t begin to comprehend. Stock up on art supplies and let the muse take you wherever it needs to go. Fill your time by producing fabulous watercolours, making an amazing handmade outfit, filming an abstract movie on your phone, writing poetry or making music. This is your chance to finally master the guitar/flute/cello/instrument-of-choice you bought that’s been lying dormant in a cupboard, especially now that more and more tutors are offering lessons by Skype. Or choreograph a dance routine to your favourite song (also a great way to keep fit) or join a virtual choir. Thousands have already signed up to create vocal harmony online, so you really don’t have to feel or be alone.

Avoid self-soothing with drugs, alcohol or junk food, and instead explore your spiritual side through meditation and healing rituals, and cleanse your living and working space by sage smudging. If you revere your body with yoga, fruit smoothies and oodles of veggies, you’ll eventually emerge from isolation enlightened and transformed but, for now, enjoy this cocoon phase and make ‘eat, pray, self-love’ your mantra.


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