“Let’s Get Jolly” makes a premium debut in Doha’s happy hour scene in a glamorous majestic setup. Be the first to experience the wonderful Indian botanicals with a refreshing twist.

February 11, 2021, Doha, Qatar – Riyasat, located in the opulent St.Regis Doha, invites guests to enjoy the newest happy hour concept in town, and its latest state-of-the-art addition. As the name implies, “Let’s Get Jolly” will take guests through an exceptional experience, offering happy hour nibbles and a venerable botanical infused cocktail bar.

The “Let’s Get Jolly” concept includes the most famous, all time classic refreshing drink, infused with Indian Botanicals. The use of botanicals is a time-honoured tradition in India and the drink’s recipe, such as the renowned Bombay Sapphire, is derived from the ancient Indian knowledge of herbs. Meaning only one thing, India Is the birthplace of this 200-year-old most beloved iconic drink.

What makes this happy hour concept unique at Riyasat, is that it embodies the moments of leisure and pleasure enjoyed by imperial-age Indian rulers like the Maharajas and Indian Royal families. Guests will get to create their own botanical infused drinks with layers of aromatic and complementary flavours of their choice. Choice of fruit/herbs on the menu include cucumber slices, strawberry slices, lime wedges, green apple slices, seasonal berries, orange zest, lime zest, lemon zest, grapefruit zest, basil leaves, cinnamon stick, spring of thyme, spring of mint, cardamom seeds, spring of rosemary, spring of coriander. Additionally, mixers can be added, such as Soda, Tonic or Ginger Ale, bringing all flavours together in a lovely, timeless mix. Guests looking for a more adventurous journey, should check Riyasat’s mixologist’s recommendations on the menu ranging from the Bombay Twist, Pink Queen, to the Desert Ride, and more. Furthermore, all drinks can be paired with a selection of nibbles.

Served in fancy balloon glasses, these large rounded cups are designed to strengthen the fresh and crisp flavours with every sip, making sure that guests enjoy the full aromatic expression of the infused botanicals.

Riyasat welcomes guests daily, between 6pm and 8pm, to come and experience the new happy hour, “Let’s Get Jolly”, concept.


Reserve by calling +974 4424 4856 or connect with Riyasat directly on WhatsApp on +974 5053 4103


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Riyasat is one of the many verticals of Speciality Restaurants Limited. Speciality Restaurant limited is an Indian restaurant company that owns multiple chains of fine and casual dining restaurants in Indian & international locations. Anjan Chatterjee is the founder and chairman of the company.