Soups from Around the World in Doha

In these spells of chilly weather, nothing makes us cozy and warm quite like a big bowl of soup. Besides the usual intake of coffee, soup warms us down to our toes and nurtures our body with its nutritious ingredients. With some of the most basic ingredients, many soups are considered to be a staple food in various parts of the world. So, before the summer time sets in, let us hunt down some of the famous and must-try soups from around the globe, available right here in Doha.

Photo by Miguel Maldonado

  • Ramen, Japan

When people think about ramen, Japan first springs to mind. Undeniably, it is Japan’s iconic noodle dish and available in every village, town or city in Japan. This dish consists of thin wheat noodles, boiled egg, spices and an assortment of meats and vegetable toppings. And because of its massive popularity, other countries are also swept up by the ramen hype. Some restaurants from major cities in the world, like Doha, serve specialty and authentic ramen to satisfy cravings.

Here in Doha: Wagamama, Doha Festival City

  • Wonton Soup, China

Another famous South East Asian dish is wonton soup, a popular broth that originated in China. Made with shrimp-filled wonton and rice noodles, this dish is one of the traditional soups of Cantonese cuisine.

Here in Doha: Ruby Wu’s, Raddison Blu Hotel

  • Dal Shorba, India

An Indian special which consists of lentils, this soup has a very distinct taste which is perfect for winter. Because of its nutritional contents, this healthy and tasty soup is also good for people trying to watch what they eat. It consists of yellow moong lentils, dry ginger and pepper powder. Some versions of Dal Shorba are surely to give a powerful punch of spice.

Here in Doha: Royal Indian, Al Mirqab

  • Spanish cocido Madrileño, Spain

    Photo by Henrique Félix

Pondered as one of Spain’s national dishes, this soup always has place at the dinner table during cold months. It is a traditional chickpea-based stew, widely eaten in Spain and Portugal. When you have a pot of Cocido Madrileño, it’s not only a bowl of flavor but also an enthralling Spanish history fit into a special broth.

Here in Doha: The Cellar, Oryx Rotana Hotel

  • Sinigang, Philippines

Characterized by its sour and palatable taste, this soup is one of the common viands in Filipino cuisine. Tamarind as its main ingredient, Sinigang can be cooked using beef, chicken, shrimp, fish and pork, with a variety of vegetables in your backyard. This is an all-time favorite food of many Filipinos.

Here in Doha: Max’s Restaurant, B-Ring Road and Al Sadd

  • French Onion Soup, France

This soup is based on meat stock and onions, and usually served as starter. This is already the modern version of the traditional onion soup that has been popular since the Roman times. A distinction from its traditional version, this French onion soup has a crouton and cheese garnish.

Here in Doha: Paul Café, Villagio Mall

  • Clam Chowder, USA

Originated in the Eastern part of the United States, this dish is a delectable combination of clams and broth. Today, this soup is well-known throughout the USA and its popularity creates many variations. The most prevalent variants of this soup are the New England clam chowder or the creamy and milky-white clam chowder, the Manhattan clam chowder or the red, tomato-based clam chowder. Whichever you choose, these clam chowders are perfect to beat the cold.

Here in Doha: Astor Grill, West Bay Lagoon

  • Tom Yum, Thailand

Your Thailand trip isn’t complete without savoring their tom yum soup. This soup combines sour and tangy in the perfect balance and typically cooked with shrimps. Because of its very distinctive flavor, people around the world crave to try it.

Here in Doha: Ban Thai Restaurant, Furousiya Street, Doha, Qatar

  • Middle Eastern Chicken Soup, Middle-East Countries

Most countries have their own variation of a chicken soup, as does the Middle East. This hot, comforting and hearty meal can soothe your soul and body during winter. Aside from the fact that it’s very easy to prepare, it’s also wide available all over the Middle-East countries, including Qatar.

Here in Doha: Parisa Souq Waqif, Al Souq Street, Doha, Qatar

  • Pho, Vietnam

    Photo by Sharon Chen

This noodle soup with Vietnamese spices is a mouthwatering and an instant favorite among eaters. On cold days like this, a steaming bowl of hot pho is just what you need.

Here in Doha: The Rice Room, Gulf Mall





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