Romantic Dines for Valentine’s

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you may start thinking about how you will spend the day with your special someone. From a comfortable and loving breakfast in bed, followed by warm afternoon teas to romantic dinners, Doha will surely not disappoint you to make this Valentine’s Day. The city is filled with intimate and chic restaurants with great views and delightful menus, ideal for dining and reasonably priced. To help you choose the best, we’ve listed 5 of the most romantic restaurants in Doha.


Three-Sixty, The Torch

Bringing your special someone to a luxurious restaurant is grand, but with a great view to revel in? It’s beyond striking! Located in one of the most iconic buildings in Doha, head on up to the only revolving restaurant, as you not only devour a delicious Mediterranean cuisine, but also take in panoramic view of the city.

Al Mourjan, Corniche

It’s not your scraper restaurant but it’s view is incomparable to any other nonetheless. Al Mourjan gives a breathless vision of the Persian Gulf and the Doha Skyline. Its Lebanese cuisine will offer a distinctive taste of romantic plates. Incredible food and great view is a winning combination.

Photo by Matthieu Huang

Anvil Rooms, Tornado Tower, West Bay

Want to have an intimate time with your loved one, lounge on sofas and catch a glimpse of West Bay? Anvil Rooms will be the perfect destination for some privacy, featuring its love-themed interiors. The black and red décor of this restaurant sets off a cozy and sweet ambiance and their perfectly grilled steaks and fabulous drinks just add the magic to cupid’s arrow.

Pool Grill, Four Seasons Doha  

The Pool Grill has no skyscraper views but a breathtaking beachfront where you can soak up and take in the fresh sea breeze. It offers a rustic dining experience, serving you charcoal-grilled flavors and cold winds of the sea– a genial setting of a romantic night.

Jazz at Lincoln Center, St. Regis

Dine with music? Jazz at Lincoln Center is an impeccable pick. Aside from their speckled dishes and fun cocktails, this place also serenades you as the clock takes the night.  The dim lights and music create a romantic atmosphere – simply remarkable. The menu has an exciting global slant, with accompaniment from jazz musicians.



Written by: Jerica Jorda

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