Lusail City: an up-and-coming spot in Qatar for many activities, be it related to entertainment, food or fun, Lusail City is the place for you!

A notable place that anyone (especially the foodies!) should visit is the Lusail Marina Food Arena. Friendly tip: Just be sure to come on an empty stomach! And bring some friends if you want to try more foods!


What is the Lusail Marina Food Arena?

The Marina Food Arena is a drive-through or drive-in area filled with stalls, shops, cafes, food trucks and food joints. Certain cafes and restaurants have outdoor seating for a limited number of people. Whether you’re craving burgers, shakes, Asian cuisine or sweets, whatever it is, it’s most probably there!

As per COVID-19 restrictions set by the government, please make sure to abide by the precautionary measures such as wearing a mask, physical distancing, showing your Ehteraz vaccinated/green status, and frequent hand washing/sanitizing.


Can anyone go there and what are the timings? 

As long as your Ehteraz is green, the place is open to everyone free of charge! Of course, you still have to pay for the food you order. You can drive around, park in front of the stall of your choice and order from the comfort of your car. While you wait, you can go to another stall and order something else! Even if you don’t have a car, you can still walk in and order at your desired food stall.

Each truck has different times. Most of them operate from 9AM – 3AM daily, except Fridays which is from 1PM – 3AM.

Certain food trucks are open 24/7.


Available shops you can find here

Coffee Shops/Cafes and Desserts

  • Mood Coffee Bar
  • Poori and Karak
  • Code
  • La Churroria
  • Beyond
  • São Paulo Café
  • Honeybee
  • 1M Coffee
  • Crìmy Cookies
  • PI Coffee
  • C H A R G E Я
  • Float
  • The Box
  • Churros Café
  • Glitter Café
  • P l C C O L O
  • KL Café
  • BOLD
  • Wing- Enjoy Life Sip By Sip
  • Exit Coffee
  • The Silver Qatar
  • Owl Specialty Coffee
  • One Coffee
  • Enjoy Café
  • Soft Loop
  • Le Meilleur
  • Mango Talaat
  • Flamingo Specialty Café
  • Sugar Rush
  • C H O
  • Ink Café
  • The 86

Burger, Sandwich & Pizza Joints

  • 375 Chicken N Fries
  • Art Burger
  • QQQ Burger
  • Philly Cheesesteak
  • Roads
  • Miami City Qatar
  • Last Order
  • Cheat Burger
  • Steakoburger
  • BARCODE |||
  • B Fit Restaurant
  • Order Here
  • Eggspot
  • Pizzeria Napoli
  • Firefly Burger
  • The Döner
  • ON AIR
  • Magic Shack

Other cuisines

Asian, Mexican, Seafood and Juice/Smoothie stalls are also available here!

  • The Tiny Leaves
  • Smoothie Factory
  • Abocado
  • 3nb Leaves
  • Noodleswok
  • Traditional
  • Mataf And Tea
  • Xfire Truck
  • La Parrilla
  • Miky’s Deli
  • Rotana Restaurant
  • 3H Restaurant
  • Diner Cone Qatar




By: Karl