Doha has been on a rise lately with the countless amount of cafes, diners opening every other day. As we all know today going to a café is no more about just good food but experiencing it with a great ambience.As being a budding designer I do believe that the interiors of a café has a big impact on the customers mood and appetite.

Here’s my list of restaurants in Doha that not only serves deli-deli food but also brings out the wonders in them through the interiors.


Sugar and spice located at the aspire park, the exterior of the restaurant looks like a beautiful European house. When we Step inside, we get warm atmosphere , as if you have reached home.

Each area of the standard room is decorated in a delicate vintage chic feel. The mild pastel colors ,sheer curtains with lace, traditional yet contemporary decorations fit in perfectly. And just as you are mesmerized by the look of the place you can smell some baked goodness.

Breakfast is the time of the day to be at Sugar and Spice.


The Burgeri at Aspire park has a great American vintage vibe. The interiors are a mix of industrial, raw and minimalistic aligning with the theme of a renovated garage.

The retro American music only adds to the experience. Their collection of old coca cola memorabilia’s is worth a special mention!


Shakespeare and Co is famous for their Victorian themed interiors. The style flaunts decorative arts and ornamentation. Its unique wall décor, ornate plates and frames, the candles chandeliers, ceiling and luxurious drape are elegant and classy yet makes you feel homely and comfortable. Each detail of the Victorian era has been carefully crafted in the interiors of the restaurant, importing you back to a different era. They have an elaborate food menu that doesn’t fail to please you. .


This café revolves around a completely different concept and is all about news and newsrooms and more news-ish stuff.

You can walk around and kill some time with the memorabilia on display and also visit the makeshift newsroom. It’s definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss if you’re visiting Doha especially.

This café is more equipped to serve proper food, so make a night out of it.

Al Jazeera media café is the first arena of its kind in the Middle East to give an exclusive Al Jazeera media experience. The café links the Al Jazeera Media Network with its audience, where the many facilities make visitors feel part of Al Jazeera.

More over this café is themed on the basis of Al-Jazeera , and featured all its equipment’s for the interiors with it a classy out look .


Every out let in the fllis café is to provide , friendly and relaxing experience to everyone.

Their outlets will be strategically placed to ensure maximum visibility and cater everyone who wants to experience They have choosed the colour of orange with shades of brown to highlight their café.

With the usage of pendant lighting along with wooden furnishing make it look simple and elegant.


Le monde café is very , simple designed café , but which show cases its elements in lighter versions.

Showing their wall with photo frames Basically is a coffee shop serving with their respective side dishes. But the simple and elegant lightings makes a look of a minimalistic café.

The lighter tones of color scheme, give it a simple attire as whole for the café.


This place offers the best of both worlds: ITALY AND FRANCE! Focusing on the blue touch for the furniture of the interiors , which a drop of certain white coloring for the walls too , makes it look even more elegant.

A huge well lit open space, low hanging lamps, light blue chairs all of which gives you the feeling of dining by the coast of French Riveira.

It is a perfect place to be with your family or friends to enjoy a tasteful meal with great ambience.

CAFÉ #999

A Fire Truck turned into a food truck and an adjacent café. The food truck is a great concept – however completely unsuitable for summer months. The café though, is just perfect. Air conditioned, large seating area indoors and a good selection of bites and coffee to go along.

This place has lots of potential, especially with the supposed library and cinema coming up in the fire station premises.

One of the most exciting aspects of Cafe #999 is food truck.

Truck #999 is the second oldest fire truck which has been converted into a ‘one-of-a-kind’ food truck and the menu selection offers a taste for everyone. The fire station building resembles a unique rawness of materials left in its unrefined state and Café #999 blends soundly into this organic context.


While you can’t really call Meesh Café cute, you can call it swanky, industrial and everything that you need in a place to chill after a stressful work day. We love the interiors here, they have WiFi and charger/plug points and little plants all over the café. The lighting is perfect and the colours are relaxing.

They have really good coffee, and an even better selection of refreshers (we love their lemonades). Plug in your laptop to get some work done or just sit alone and reflect on your life – Meesh Café is perfect for any day!

Pro tip – their savories and desserts are sold at a 50% discount after 10 pm, until closing.


This little café in Katara makes the cut because you get to sit on awesomely shaped muffins for seats. Some of us have small dreams! But in a place with an obvious dearth of creativity, for whatever reasons, cupcake shaped chairs are our go-tos.

For all the cup cake lover this one is for you , the ravishing colour oriented café , serving delious cupcakes.

Order some coffee and bite into some of their well-known desserts like a cupcake or two, while sitting on those cupcake seats.


Remember watching those movies that have a log cabin deep in the woods? While this is not exactly a replication, it comes close to something different in Qatar. It’s located opposite the Aspire Grand Park Café, but has a totally different vibe. It is smaller, more secluded and more private. Perfect for an intimate cup of coffee, even if you’re by yourself.

Don’t expect much in terms of food, come here for the ambience surrounding the café. And if you’re a fitness freak, there is exercise equipment barely 100 meters away from the café.

There definitely are a lot of restaurants in Qatar that have great interiors and food , it is hard to list all and a blog post must end. Some other unique places are Romeo & Juliette (Al Sadd), Fy Cafe (Barwa Al Sadd), Remman’s Cafe (Ezdan Towers Westbay), MokaArabia (Pearl Qatar) & Tasmeem Cafe (Al Nasr Street). If you haven’t already been there, why not try them this weekend?

Meghana Muralidharan is currently pursing Bachelors Degree in Interior Designing. Having settled in Doha, she is passionate about the colors of nature and expresses through poetry. She is also a well known anchor. She dreams of designing a restaurant some day after completing her masters.