Michelin star chef, Dani García, re-creates the magical Andalusian celebration

1st February 2021, Doha, Qatar – BiBo, the Cosmopolitan Spanish Andalusian Brasserie & Restaurant, introduces its new after work concept. Preserving the iconic Spanish cuisine culture, BiBo Doha is launching its first ever BIBO’Clock Tapas Y Copas here in Doha starting February 1st, Monday through Thursday, from 6pm to 7:30 PM.

As the sun heads into the horizon, the Spanish head into the tapas bars. Unlike a typical post-work happy hour, this is where all the fun begins. As the name suggests, BiBO’Clock Tapas Y Copas offers a gastronomic tapas selection and sips, all of which are signature dishes known to Chef Dani Garcia, forming BiBo’s greatest hits.

The menu features nine culinary masterpieces like no other with iconic recipes such as the classic Spanish potato salad with tuna, olives and olive oil, known as ENSALADILLA RUSA. Furthermore, you can find on the menu the famous CEVICHE DE CORVINA which includes Striped bass, ceviche, lime, sweet corn, green apples and jalapeños, in addition to the one and only Oxtail Brioche named BRIOCHE DE RABO DE TORO. A selection of seafood, meat and chicken is also available. Vegetarian lovers can indulge in the iconic TORTILLA DE PATATA BRAVA, which is a Spanish potato omelette served with spicy Brava sauce and roast garlic aioli.

Guests can choose 3 tapas for the price of QAR 125 or 5 tapas for QAR 175. Top it up with your favourite enhanced beverages served by carafe for the perfect opportunity to experience a fun and unforgettable Spanish ritual with colleagues and friends. Enjoy a 375ml carafe of red or white fruit infused grapes for QAR 75, or a carafe of red or white grapes for QAR 95.

BiBo Doha is located in the iconic AL Gassar Resort at the St. Regis Doha, decorated by the studio of Lázaro Rosa-Violán. The restaurant entrance is presented as a square full of vegetation and benches inviting you to enter and embark on a magical gastronomic experience.

Dani Garcia, BiBo’s 3 Michelin Star Chef comments: “We wanted to re-create a concept that would highlight the Spanish culture and celebrate Andalusian roots here in Qatar. We wanted also for our guests, those who have missed the vibrant Spanish bars, to relive those magical moments. Everywhere in Spain, as the sun sets, the bars fill up with people of different ages to enjoy a night of Tapas Y Copas.”

Guests will get to experience a unique atmosphere in a lively and vibrant setup first-hand as of Monday February 1st, from 6pm to 7:30 PM.

For reservations contact BiBo Doha on +974 4224 4870 or send a message through Whatsapp on +974 5091 7654

Or book online by visiting our website: BiBo.

BiBo Doha is open for dinner from Monday to Thursday 6pm to 12am, Friday to Saturday from 7pm to 12am and for Lunch on Saturday from 12:30pm to 3:30pm.

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