Boho Social’s Executive Chef Andree Fabian Nuñez Peralta


All and About Qatar writer Lucas Raven catches up with Boho Social Executive Chef Andree and talks about the latter’s culinary journey in and out of Doha.


Lucas Raven: What inspires you every day?

Chef Andree: The people around me, sounds and products I see everyday. I’m a guy who likes to observe with passion, this enhances my ability to connect with what I have in front of me, filling myself with sublime emotions inspiring me to create.


Lucas Raven: What made you decide to join team Boho Social?

Chef Andree: The free spirit atmosphere and the desire to do things differently. They allow chefs to express food through different cultures, this to me, was one of the reasons why I joined. It’s so empowering and absolutely valuable. Boho is a combination of memories, taste, cultures, views, arts and emotions, creating a remarkable experience. We bring out emotions through food, that’s our super power.


Boho Social’s Executive Chef Andree Fabian Nuñez Peralta


Lucas Raven: What’s your favorite part of Boho?

Chef Andree: The corridor going out of the kitchen, definitely! Standing there watching everybody enjoying our food, curious about Boho and taking in the magic that fills the air. I love observing guests getting lost in a new world while they’re stepping into our circle.


Lucas Raven: Where did you begin your culinary journey?

Chef Andree: Back in Peru, a city called Arequipa, with my grand mother. The way she brings my family together is through the love she spreads with her cooking. I grew up around an array of flavors, these flavors now relate to the best childhood memories. My first working experience in a professional kitchen was in Arequipa, I remember that I went thought the front side of this restaurant and the first thought I had was, I HAVE TO GET IN!! I knocked on the door and Chef Erick appeared. Without hesitation, I told Chef that I wanted to learn from him. The passion and desire I had to learn must have been written all over face as his immediate response was ‘of course you can join my team.’ He pushed me hard to learn and keep getting better day by day, just like any great leader. Of course this wasn’t all a fairy tale, it was a long 12-year journey that guided me to find my own path in my culinary career. For that, I will be forever grateful for my roots in Peru.



Lucas Raven: If your menu was a story book, what kind of story would it be telling?

Chef Andree: I would tell a story about passion, love, and free will. It would depict a story of a chef travelling around the world collecting memories and culture which he then fuses with local products and culture from his current destination. Each dish will take you on a special journey through my past, which are all inspired by memories.


Lucas Raven: Describe Boho Social in three words.

Chef Andree: Eclectic. Artistic. Respectfully free. Well that was 4 words, it’s ok, we are Boho.



Lucas Raven: How big is your team in the kitchen?

Chef Andree: We are 21 Chefs from lots of different nationalities. That’s what make us strong as a team, we are a family.


Lucas Raven: Describe your most memorable moment in Qatar.

Chef Andree: Since I arrived at Doha, it has been a big challenge for me as a Peruvian chef to get inside one of the greatest cuisine cultures in the world and include some of their dishes in my menu. Not only that, but to execute them in a respectful and appealing way for my guests to enjoy was the most challenging and memorable experience here in Qatar so far.

I remember walking through the outdoor dining area and I saw some of the most influential Qatari people enjoying my dishes like Bohemian Falafel, this is when I felt all the challenges I faced were completely worth it as it really warmed my soul.



Lucas Raven: Do you integrate local flavors and ingredients to your menu?

Chef Andree: Yes, I do. In dishes like Bohemian Falafel or Samkit BOHO I include local flavors in my own way. I Include these flavors in my menu as a way of saying THANK YOU Doha for giving me this amazing opportunity to experience your unique culture.


Lucas Raven: Your advice to the aspiring chefs out there.

Chef Andree: The difference between success and dreams is the strength of your desire. To reach your goals, you must be honest and respectful in your journey as a chef. Don’t lose the focus of your goals, fight for it. It will be a long, tough journey but you will succeed if you give it all you have. Learn from your mistakes and take inspiration from your travels and everything around you. Only focus on the things you can control and most of all, enjoy the crazy journey!

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