Recipes for Left Over Turkey

You can get tired of eating one thing over a period of time, no matter how delicious. Here are some easy ways to enjoy your turkey leftovers, without having to settle for just a turkey sandwich.


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Turkey Casserole:

Cut your turkey into thin pieces and add on some spinach, cheese, mushrooms, cream and oregano in a baking pot. Bake your leftovers to a delicious creamy casserole.


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Turkey Tostados:

Place your turkey slices on a whole wheat tortilla and add on black beans, salsa, tomato, avocados, cilantro and sprinkle with cheese. You can also put it in the oven to give it that crackling crisp.


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Turkey Lasagna:

Layer your turkey with lasagna strips and add on some tomato sauce, mushrooms, parmesan or cottage cheese and your choice of veggies. Bake it until the cheese starts to simmer on top.


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Turkey Pesto Sandwich:

Step away from the mustard to give your turkey sandwich a gourmet twist. Place your turkey slabs in between two slices of multigrain bread and layer them with cherry tomatoes, pesto sauce, lettuce leaves and apple slices.


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Stuffed Pasta Shells:

Place your turkey and gravy in large pasta shells and sprinkle them with just the right amount of parmesan cheese. Bake to perfection!

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Turkey Eggs Benedict:

Fancy up your breakfast by adding a layer of turkey bacon between your bread and poached eggs.


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Turkey Waldorf Salad:

Add in the delicious taste of turkey bits to compliment the crunch of apples and creaminess of the dressing in your next Waldorf salad.

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