Be Healthier on Thanksgiving

Related imageWe all know that even the toughest health activists sometimes give in to the delicious delicacies served at a Thanksgiving feast. With delicious food tempting you, it can be difficult to keep your healthy eating habits in check. Experts estimate that the average American can intake around 3,000 to 5,000 calories at a Thanksgiving dinner. Even though this holiday is centered around a table of delectable food options, there are still ways you can portion your meal and make sure that the turkey is the only thing getting stuffed this day.

  • Eat Breakfast:
    • Many of us starve ourselves when we know that a hearty dinner awaits us and we purposely don’t eat so that we may ‘save our appetite’ and have more room for the delicious treats to come. However, this is the worst approach to take on Thanksgiving. Instead of consuming a few good calories with a healthy breakfast, you will go all out on the gravy and consume way more than you should. You know how they say you should never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach because you may buy more than what you need, the same applies here.
  • Hydrate:
    • Your body needs its fluids, so make sure to have your fair share of H2O. Not drinking enough water might result in hunger pangs, which you might feel the need to fill with food instead of water.
  • Use a small plate:
    • Research shows that using a smaller plate will help decrease your calorie intake by 22 percent.
  • Have a colorful plate:
    • A good rule of thumb for any meal is to make sure you have enough color on your plate. If you’re plate looks too brown and bland add a side of colorful veggies.
  • Do not skip dessert:
    • Everyone deserves a piece of the pie on Thanksgiving, so make sure to be aware and save room for dessert instead of compensating for it with a second helping of gravy and potatoes.
  • Take a post-meal stroll:
    • Instead of sitting down, announce that you want to take a walk after the meal and gather your friends for a stroll in this beautiful November weather. A brisk walk will help you walk off some of the calories you just consumed.
  • Plan a work-out the next day:
    • Instead of feeling bloated and sluggish the next day, get involved in a sport or activity, you could even hit the mall and walk off those calories in a well-deserved shopping spree.



By Anzish Mirza

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