Chef Amir Swedan is the Sous Chef of The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel. He specialized in Oriental cuisine with 12 years of experience in Mediterranean and Levant cuisine.

Sous Chef Amir Swedan – The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel


Shaikh el mahshi is one of the favourite traditional dishes in the Middle East where it is cooked during the festive season.

Shaikh Al Mahshi



  • 500gm of minced lamb
  • 1 kg of baby marrow
  • 1 kg of yoghurt
  • 200gm shopped onions
  • 15gm corn flower / or one whole egg
  • 20gm of fresh garlic
  • 10gm of fresh coriander
  • Salt & pepper (white or black) to taste
  • 1 ltr Corn oil for frying




Sauté the shopped onion in a pan till its golden colour. Add the minced lamb to it and when it’s cooked, add salt and pepper. After that, set aside to cool.


Hole the baby marrow using a curved spatula or table knife taking out all the marrow from it leaving a little thick marrow skin.


Stuff the cooked minced lamb into the baby marrow, with a little squeeze.


Heat the corn oil to 150 degrees and fry the stuffed baby marrow in it when you see a brown colour.

Move to a boiling water and boil it for 8 minutes. Remove it slowly with a strainer spoon and leave aside.


Put the yoghurt in a pot, then add salt and corn flour (or one egg). Put it on a medium fire and keep moving it till it starts boiling. When it reaches boiling temperature, switch off the fire.


In a separate pan, add some corn oil. Sauté the garlic in it till golden colour then add the fresh coriander. Then, add the mixture to the yoghurt and keep some of it on the side for garnish.



Put four pieces of the baby marrow in a serving plate, pour the yoghurt sauce on top of it and decorate with sauté garlic and coriander.

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