Chef Chanchai of Teatro, City Centre Rotana Doha


Chef Chanchai, originally from Thailand – South East Asia, has worked  in various five star restaurants between Asia and the Middle East.

He is currently taking care of the guests at Teatro, a signature restaurant at City Centre Rotana Doha.

Chef Chanchai prepares Asian cuisine classics with a twist and believes that the secret to a good dish is fresh ingredients and a creative approach.

Here is his take on a traditional Thai dish, Pad Thai.


Pad Thai by Chef Chanchai


80g rice noodles

60g sliced chicken breast

100ml Pad Thai sauce

1 egg

10g beansprout

5g spring onion

5g crushed peanuts

2g chilli flakes

1 green lime (sliced)

5g red onion (sliced)



1. Put a dash of vegetable oil in the Wok pan over medium  heat and add red onion, sauté until desired softness.

2. Add chicken slices and cook well. After that include the egg and stir it together.

3. Place the Rice noodles to the wok with a little bit of water to make it soft. Pour in the sauce and all the vegetables to cook together until well combined about 2 minutes.

4. Serve the Pad Thai in the plate and garnish with sesame seeds or green onion if desired.

5. Enjoy your Pad Thai!

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