6 Last-Minute Brunch Ideas

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Invited friends over for brunch bbut not sure what to serve? But don’t fret. If you’re one of those who are scrambling to figure out what to make for your guests tomorrow morning, we won’t judge you, but we will help you out. From the most indulgent and decadent sea salt and chocolate-spiked pancakes to the most delicious and healthy breakfast granola, we’re sharing 6 make-ahead or last-minute breaky and brunch ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Get to that grocery store and get cooking!

1. Sea Salt + Chocolate Pancakes

These sea salt spiked pancakes are ooey, gooey, decadent, chocolaty and sublimely delicious. A perfect Valentine’s Day morning treat for the chocoholic in your life. Our advice? Don’t skimp on the additions! Use REAL butter and PURE maple syrup!

Get the recipe → Sea Salt & Chocolate Pancakes

Last-Minute | allandaboutqa

2. Spiced Apple and Walnut Cake

Have time to whip up something today to serve your honey tomorrow morning? This moist and delicious spiced cake is chock-full of apples and walnuts, perfect for that special someone who would love a lazy breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day morning.

Get the recipe → Spiced Apple and Walnut Cake

Last-Minute | allandaboutqa

3. The Best Blueberry Pancakes

Making some special for the whole family on Valentine’s Day morning? Moist, fluffy and brimming with fresh blueberries, these Blueberry Pancakes will make the hubby and your kids feel ultra-special.

Get the recipe → The Best Blueberry Pancakes

Last-Minute | allandaboutqa

4. Easy Lemon Loaf

Sure, it may be Valentine’s Day, but you may still be hitting the slopes with the kids or heading to that 7 am hockey game. Our quick and easy lemon loaf is perfect for your family. Simply whip it up today, and

Get the recipe → Easy Lemon Loaf

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5. Healthy Breakfast Granola

A Valentine’s morning treat for the mom on the go. Made with A LOT of LOVE, our favourite healthy granola is loaded with oats, seeds, dried fruit – all good things to keep you going for hours!

Get the recipe → Healthy Breakfast Granola 

Last-Minute | allandaboutqa

6. Lemon and Blueberry Scones

The lemon and blueberry scones are an indulgent treat for the one you love. oist and filled with healthy ingredients, these scones are a kid-fave and simply irresistible.

Get the recipe → Lemon and Blueberry Scones

Last-Minute | allandaboutqa


Which idea are you going to try? Comment below.

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