Studies show that eating breakfast may improve cognitive function (memory) and academic performance in children.

Do your children balk at the idea of breakfast? It’s considered an essential meal that provides them with the energy they need to start the day off right. In fact, studies suggest that breakfast may improve cognitive function (memory) and academic performance, as well as increase school attendance.1.

Since the best way to break the routine is doing something differently, here are some original ideas for preparing a new kind of healthy breakfast. Also, some tips on jazzing up the classics. Smiles (and success) guaranteed!

Fun with fruits

Sometimes, just the way food is presented can have a huge effect on children. Choose their favourite fruits, cut them into cubes and mix them with a bit of vanilla Greek yogurt. A winning combo: strawberries, apples and kiwis. Toast a slice of whole-grain bread, then cut it into a funny looking shape. Garnish the plate alternating between a slice of bread and a layer of fruit. Serve it with a glass of ice-cold milk. Your children will love the way it looks!

Stuffed grapefruit

What’s not to love about cottage cheese—it’s versatile and high in protein. That’s right! It’s just as high in protein as an equivalent serving of Greek yogurt. Empty out half a grapefruit, cut the flesh into small cubes and mix it with the cottage cheese. Serve it in the hollowed out grapefruit for a surprising effect. Top with honey, crushed pistachios or roasted soy seeds. Yum!

Express pizza for the morning rush

Pizza for breakfast? Oh yes! The night before, prepare hard-boiled eggs that you’ll simply need to slice come morning. Top a whole-wheat English muffin with sliced tomatoes, sliced egg, your favourite cheese and a bit of dried oregano. Broil in the oven at 260 ºC (500 ºF) for about 5 minutes. Ready in no time, this delicious breakfast is sure to please children and adults alike!

French crepes with a bubbly twist

Enhance the nutritional value of crepes by replacing white flour with almond or oat flour. Of course, maple syrup will always be the perfect topping for crepes. However, if your children are a bit more adventurous, serve them the champagne of yogurts—kefir, a fermented milk. Available in several flavours, it will add an effervescent touch to your crepes.

French toast

Impress everyone at Sunday brunch with French toast stuffed with ricotta cheese and raspberries. Make traditional French toast, then turn it into a sandwich garnished with ricotta, squashed raspberries and a hint of vanilla—truly delicious!

Original toppings for toast

Try a new twist on the traditional peanut butter toast. Prepare the topping by combining Greek yogurt, peanut butter and squashed bananas. The thick and tasty mixture will become your family’s next go-to favourite breakfast.

Give these new recipes a try—they’re sure to make for a fun and healthy family meal. Enjoy!

By Hubert Cormier