One Texan city topped Amazon’s chart for the most romantic in the United States, Inverse reports.

The list was based on a collection of sales data from cities that have more than 100,000 residents on a per capita basis, as detailed in this press release. The sales include purchases of romance and relationship books, rom-com movies, romance music (including AdeleBarry White, and John Legend), and more.

A number of Southern cities pop up in the full index of the top 20 romantic cities in America. The list is as follows, in order of least romantic to most:

20. Rochester, New York
19. Round Rock, Texas
18. Portland, Oregon
17. Las Vegas, Nevada
16. Tampa, Florida
15. Scottsdale, Arizona
14. Seattle, Washington
13. Gainesville, Florida
12. Vancouver, Washington
11. Columbia, South Carolina
10. Ann Arbor, Michigan
9. Atlanta, Georgia
8. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
7. Cincinnati, Ohio
6. Knoxville, Tennessee
5. Salt Lake city, Utah
4. Orlando, Florida
3. Alexandria, Virginia
2. Miami, Florida
1. San Antonio, Texas

Interestingly, Atlanta, specifically, loves its romance novels, ordering such titles as “First Comes Loves” by Emily Giffin and “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes. As far as music goes, Classic Rock Love Songs was streamed the most out of all of Amazon’s romantic playlists. Additionally, the timeless Johnny Cash tune “Ring of Fire” was one of the most requested love songs using Amazon Alexa, the e-commerce company’s voice service.

If there’s one thing the South deserves credit for, it’s abiding passion and romance. The list, then, comes as no surprise.

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