The repatriation of Indian citizens stranded in Qatar,has been rescheduled for May 09.

According to an embassy official, Air India has opened a counter on the Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) premises in Abu Hamour, so that shortlisted passengers for Kochi can buy their tickets. The fare for a ticket to Kochi is approximately QR766.

Air India is now scheduled to fly to Kochi with about 200 passengers. ICC president Manikantan A P said, most of the passengers for Kochi had already bought their tickets and efforts include to help the remaining shortlisted persons get theirs on time.

Videos and images from ICC showed that, social distancing norms were followed as people waited to collect their tickets. Another flight is expected to take a group of 200 passengers to Thiruvananthapuram on May 10. The details of its operation will be made available later.

About 40,000 Indians have registered for repatriation on the Indian embassy website, and those with the most urgent need for repatriation were shortlisted for the special flights.

Yesterday, the embassy said it had resumed collection of data about people requesting repatriation to India due to the “continuing demand for registration”.

All the requirements for quarantine after reaching India, as well as the medical requirements for travel from Doha will be conveyed & has to be accepted by every passenger. The Indian government has allocated 64 flights, to make travel arrangements for Indians stranded around the world.

Click Here if you’d like to register for repatriation.

Source : Gulf Times

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