Qatar Calendar House has announced that the residents, will have a good chance to view the Delta Aquariid meteor shower in the Qatar sky tomorrow evening until the dawn of Wednesday.

What and when is the Delta Aquariid meteor shower?

It’s one of the longest running meteor showers of all with some of the slowest-moving “shooting stars.”

Happening from July 12 through August 23, the Delta Aquariid meteor shower peaks in the early hours of Wednesday, July 29. However, you can look on the few nights around the date and see just as many shooting stars, all moving at a leisurely pace of 26 miles/41 kilometers per second.

So this week is the ideal time to go stargazing, with the chance of shooting stars.

How to see the Delta Aquariid meteor shower?

Delta Aquariid meteor shower is usually active between July 15 and August 23 every year, while its peak will be between the evening of July 27 and the dawn of July 28 every year, said Dr Beshir Marzouk, astronomer at QCH.

The Delta Aquariid is one of the important meteors seen from the Earth, where the average shower, at its peak, will be 15-20 meteors per hour, according to the astronomer.

Residents of Qatar and Arab countries can see Delta Aquariid meteor with their naked eye from places free from light and environmental pollution.

Source : Gulf Times

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