Best Outdoor Activities in Qatar

Are you fancy going outside and getting back to nature? Try and soak up with these great outdoor activities in Qatar.

Finally, it’s that time of the year again; people of Qatar unwearyingly wait the climate to cool down to spend their weekend outside. Aside from the huge green spaces, Qatar also offers a variety of fun activities to do outdoor. From ordinary to extreme, these activities will surely help people to get away from the strip. Gather your family and friends, and get a taste of fun and adventure in Qatar as we list down the activities you can try on this coming winter season.

1. Archery and Zip lining in Baladna Park

Baladna Park is a family outdoor entertainment park, letting everyone to escape the city life and enjoy its nature wonderland. This is the newest favorite destination of families all over Qatar. There are plenty of goings-on inside the park, both for kids and adults, and two of their recreational attractions are the archery and zip lining. But for those who are not into extreme activities, Baladna Park is still a place to be, since it has large square to stroll around.

2. Sky Dive Qatar

What is there for thrill-seekers in Qatar? This year, Sky Dive Qatar returns to give an adrenaline rush experience like no other. It is a world-class skydiving facility, offering Tandem Skydiving, AFF training programs and modern facilities for new and experienced jumpers. If you’re looking to have an active break, this one’s for you.

3. Kayaking

The state of Qatar has full of constructions, cars and buildings, however, it also has waterways that can explore and enjoy through kayaking. This activity tour lets the tourists to discover one of state’s natural jewels, the well-conserved mangroves in the North of Qatar. This is a great trip for those who are eyeing for water activities.

Image result for Desert trips doha4. Desert trips

As the summer season will come to an end, it’s the best time to make a lifetime experience to bash through Qatar’s finest treasure, its desert. To have a unique and adventurous journey, Qatar Desert tour offers 4×4 off-road safaris to travel over the sand dunes, camel riding and sand boarding.

Image result for Rock Climbing doha5. Rock Climbing

Qatar may not have many mountains to surmount; yet, there are still spots for rock climbing. So, for the people who are planning to spend their day climbing, there are a number of large rock formations in the western Qatar, in Zekreet. Moreover, climbers visit Musfer Sinkhole, a karst cave in central Qatar, which is a great site for bouldering.

Whether you’re a sightseer or an adrenaline junkie, Qatar is filled with frivolous activities you can try out. Thus, plan your weekends because cold days and nights are about to come.

By Jerica Jorda

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