“Me with a flustered smile: I’ve nothing so interesting to tell you about myself.
And then the interviewer told me – “Girl you’re an introvert out of your shell now – you’ve discovered painting & baking, done photoshoots, run a blog page, attend PR events.”

And that’s when I realized that this wasn’t me a couple of years back. Being the youngest at home, I was always chilled out in my own zone of thoughts and was never given much heed to discuss – family politics or gossips.

I enjoyed having conversations with a very exclusive set of people but dreaded having them with people I didn’t know or wasn’t comfortable with. Casual conversations or icebreakers were never my things.

But I always wanted to come out of my shell, not able to exactly pinpoint how, where, and when but because of the people around me, I started saying yes to opportunities, I started blogging, started modeling (well amateur :P).

I realized it’s the fear in us holding us back from doing what we want. Never leave any opportunity which you think will help you grow. You may fail but you’ll learn something from it. People talk regardless so don’t worry about it.
Don’t let fear hold you back – You need not be perfect but have fun. Staying around Positive Vibes is an absolute must 🧚‍♂️ The best is yet to come.”