As the world develops and takes its transition towards a fully digital medium of communication and lifestyle, our needs also change. Shopping in the 21st century has evolved into digital media and has become easier for us to pick our favourite outfits, gadgets, or anything else and have them delivered right to our doorsteps.

More online stores have started making their presence on the web, and this guide is here to help show you the way around most of them!



One of the trendiest online stores for those interested in buying a quick fit or just willing to explore the fashion industry. SHEIN is a Chinese online fast-fashion retailer. It was founded in 2008 by Chris Xu in Nanjing, China, and has served its purpose in All of Europe, America, Australia, Middle East since then.

With an abundance of sales, offers, and promotions, it’s never been cheaper nor easier to buy clothes. Their clothing pieces are categorized based on seasons, and one of the most loved features by everyone is their categorization based on trends! Skinny, Y2K, baggy, cut-out, floral prints, and more are all found in SHEIN’s vast collection. So, make sure to drop by their website and give it a glance!


Al Anees Qatar

Having launched in 2016, Al Anees maintains its dominant position in the market of electronics (smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and accessories). Through the convenience of your home, you can simply order and expect your package to come through on the same day with their express or one-day delivery.

One of their best features is the ability to pay with cash on delivery, and their availability offline and online. Their main branch is in Al Mansoura, with the addition of more branches all over Doha. If you’re looking to buy a gadget within a budget, check out Al Anees for genuine products sold at the best prices in Qatar.


Amazon is a vast Internet-based enterprise that sells books, music, movies, housewares, electronics, toys, and many other goods, either directly or as the middleman between other retailers and’s millions of customers. Selling since the early 90s, it now offers delivery worldwide, or at least to most of the main hubs in the world with ease. The two Amazon HQs in the Middle East are in Egypt and the UAE, but you could always pay delivery fees to get your products delivered through Aramex or any other courier/delivery company.

You can buy gift cards and send them to your friends, or you could treat yourself to the massive library of promotions offered on the website. Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that lets you in on their monthly offers as well as their catalogue of films, TV shows, and e-books!



Acting more like an auction-based sale, eBay offers the world the ability to sell and purchase products. The website has many features, but one that sparks a difference between its competitors is that it allows second-hand products sales, AKA used products.

It was one of the first shopping websites alongside Amazon and they’ve left their mark on the internet since then. From electronics and industrial equipment to fashion and cosmetics, eBay never ceases to demonstrate its warehouses’ abundance of products of all different brands for all the different needs.


AliExpress (Alibaba Group)

Based in Hangzhou, China, AliExpress’ launch in 2010 has revolutionized the industry with its relivable delivery methods that allow your fees to be cheap, and your products safe and sound. Its popularity comes from its business-to-customer marketplace, which allows the Chinese market to embark on the world with its products. Moreover, the variety of products of all categories is one of the most impressive features of online retail service. Available for 176 countries, looking for your necessities and purchasing them through a touch of your screen has never been easier.

Another great feat about the service is its selection of engineering and mechanical tools and items that have never been easier to get as residents in Qatar. Other than that, they offer a great selection of gadget accessories and fashion accessories that are at a very cheap price with minimal delivery fees. So, make sure to check it out and surf the web!