What you wear reflects your style and taste in fashion.

This summer, Doha Festival City is offering a wide variety of outfits from their retail stores as mentioned in their Festival Magazine “Summer & Fall 2021”. You can mix and match many styles that are on-trend, according to your personal preferences. Check out what colours with what kind of outfits and accessories you can coordinate and put together in your overall summer looks like the following:


1. White Dresses and Outfits

Whether it is an occasion to catch up over cocktails or heading to scroll around town, here are some ideas to flaunt in white. Match your white dress from Ava with some black leather shoes from Nicoli Shoes, black leather bag from Furla. An excellent alternative is to couple your white dresses or tops, from Tuzun, Stradivarius, or Parfois, with a statement necklace from Swarovski or Atasay. In addition to that, you can add casual accessories of bags or sandals from Reserved.

If you are going for more a classic look, a white suit from Tuzun with shades from Optifashion would be the perfect choice of outfit for business events or meetings.

For an elegant look, you can go with simple, white pleated midi skirts from Tuzun or wraparound skirts from Labelux.


2. Ethereal Flower Patterns

Flowers on summer outfits has been a famous go-to style for the summer when aiming for an elegant look. Such dresses, tops and outfits with flower patterns can be found in Verona, Aeiri by American Eagle or Stradivarius.


3. Sorbet Pastels

Pastel tones have also been a popular trend this year. Sorbet-pastel inspired hues to make a great choice for the summer. You may find this pattern in outfits or dresses at American Eagle, Tuzun, Reserved and Verona.


4. Black & White

The classy, bold, and soulful harmonic duo can be worn at any time of the year and can be paired with any color for accessories. Purchase such outfits at Ava, Aerie by Americal Eagle and Tuzun in Doha Festival City!


5. Monochrome

It’s all about monochrome at the moment, from haute couture to sweats. There’s no doubt that monochromatic looks, popularized by Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, are making a big comeback. You may find it at retail stores such as Verona, Tuzun and Napapijri.


6. Retro Bloom

Vintage prints, small and large scale blends, and retro themes with slogans and graphic tees are all reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s. These can be found at Verona, Stradivarius and Reserved.


7. Sheer Delights

Indulge in a traditional, romantic look by wearing something sheer this summer from Tuzun and Verona. It’s one of the perfect thin fabrics to use and keep one cool during summer yet still looking astonishing!


8. Dress Up Your Beauty Rest

Take this opportunity to ditch your husband’s old tees and put together an outfit you’ll be proud of. You’ll be in the mood for a good night’s sleep once you slip into these beautiful pieces.

  • Etam – In particular, with respect, Etam is known for its use of delicate fabrics and comfortable silhouettes that allow for free movement of people and a sense of relaxed sophistication Meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy their work for a long time.
  • La Senza – La Senza has it all, from silk to jersey and everything in between. Beautiful sleep will once again be a thing of the past thanks to their stylish women’s nightwear.
  • Women’s Secret – For the first time ever, the brand has released a new 101 Dalmatian collection that includes short and long nightgowns as well as t-shirts with prints from the film’s theme. This would be a fun addition to your wardrobe, made of 100% cotton.

For more information on what summer wear collections Doha Festival City has to offer, read more about it in their Festival Magzine Summer & Fall 2021 Edition here.

Purchase your summer wear at Doha Festival City today and save up with Festival Rewards discounts and offers!


Images Source: Doha Festival City Facebook


By: Yohana Sihol Marito Manurung