The Shop Qatar Design Week invites you to eat, shop, learn and create. Participate and make the most of your Shop Qatar experience at the Doha Design District and enjoy unique workshops, pop-up shops, and other exclusive activities featuring local designers as part of Shop Qatar 2021.

Some workshops have already passed such as:

An Ice Cream Candle Making Workshop by Candeel which happened on October 3rd. During the four-hour-long workshop, participants learned how to measure, heat, temper, colour the wax, added fragrances and toppings to make their own ice cream candle.

And a Denim Development Workshop which was curated by NYC fashion Executive, Bill Curtin, Head of BPD (Blueprint Denim Washhouse) and WASHHOUSE DENIM.

If you’re interested in participating, it’s not too late to join the other workshops happening this week!

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Perfume Creation Workshop by Francis Hembert. Source:

The Perfume Creation Workshop, happening on October 6th, participants will get introduced to natural and synthetic raw materials, the ‘structure’ of a fragrance, and will learn how to use their olfactory capacities to identify notes and develop fragrances at this workshop. They’ll gain an understanding of the olfactory pyramid and the different facets of a fragrance. As part of the workshop, participants will learn the techniques used by professionals in the field to sell their fragrances, and not just create them.

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Jewelry Workshop. Source:

On October 8th, there will be Jewelry Workshop where interested individuals will experience workshops full of technical and informative teaching on jewelry making. Learn the craft ring making and bracelets making using natural stones like amethyst, jade, onyx and more using design templates and sketch materials.

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Skincare Workshop by Pida Beauty. Source:

Finally, the Skincare Workshop, happening on the 9th of October, will be curated by Pida Beauty, a Korean health and beauty brand based in Qatar. Pida Beauty offers educational workshops as one of their signature skin-care services in order for everyone to understand the importance of skincare. The workshop will touch upon different skin types and concerns that help participants understand the right products and ingredients for each skin type and condition.

If you and/or anyone you know is interested in partaking in these workshops, make sure to sign up at