As much as we want the breezy connotations of a beach trip to ring true, in reality, the whole excursion is a production.

Whether you’re taking a summer day-trip from city to coast or partaking in a weekend Airbnb situation, these seasonal affairs can go from chic straw hats and soft Turkish towels to forgotten sunscreen and third-degree burns real quick.

Plus, with social distancing rules imposing responsibility on these usually carefree months, it’s even more essential to be as prepared as possible. To save you from collapsing under the weight of your (once again) overloaded tote, we streamlined a beach-accessories packing guide to better serve you.

Cooler Bag

Bucket bags can serve more than just fashion #lewks — and this functional insulated cooler that will keep beach refreshments cool for up to four hours proves it.


Multi Purpose Wipes

Pandemic or not, it’s always smart to have some multipurpose wipes on hand to tackle whatever germs or still stand in the way of a good time at the beach. These convenient organic wipes are safe to use on almost all surfaces and are healthier for you AND for the planet.

Sun Screen

A full day at the beach calls for heavy-duty sun protection — opt for this dermatologist recommended, antioxidant-rich, and paraben-free tube that provides fast-absorbing and water-resistant coverage for sensitive skin.

Hand Sanitizer

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about preventing the spread of the coronavirus, it’s that constant and thorough hand-washing is crucial.

But, for situations where a sink isn’t easily accessible, hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol is the next best thing.

Face Mask

For beachside situations where it’s hard to keep your social distance, be sure to have a lightweight, breathable face mask on hand like this reusable style.

Transitional Cover Up

While the days can be hot, beach nights can turn cool as soon as that sun drops. Keep yourself comfortable by bringing along a breezy transition wrap or cover-up that can be conveniently stowed away when slipped off your shoulders.

Portable Sun Shade

While we aren’t looking to pitch a bonafide camping tent on the beach at this point in our lives (will revisit this in the next five years), we are still harmful UV-ray wary during our day trips.

Turkish Towels

Not only are Turkish towels lovely to look at and wrap ourselves up in, but they’re also less cumbersome for packing in a bag than the bigger more plush beach towels from our childhood.

Swim Wear

Keep yourself ready to transition from day-swim to (socially distant) night-bonfire by picking up a one-piece suit that can double as a stylish top when covered with a skirt or breezy wrap.

Source : Refinery 29

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