It’s the peak of summer, the temperature and humidity are unbearable. Though with comfortable or thin clothing, you may find yourself enjoying the hot weather despite how extreme it may get at times. Below are the trendy pieces of clothes that you can choose from:

1. Summer Jackets

In summer, jackets are just as important to keep you warm as they are in the colder months. It’s especially cold in Doha, but they keep it at bay:

    • Famously worn by Elvis Presley and James Dean in the 1950s, the Harrington jacket has endured as a classic workwear design
    • Wearing a denim jacket means you’ll be able to wear it for many years to come. As a staple since the mid-19th century, it doesn’t appear to be fading away anytime soon.
    • Comfortable and versatile, the bomber jacket can be worn with a variety of casual outfits. It is now available in a variety of materials other than leather
    • A versatile ally, the rainforest jacket from Napapijri and Anorak transforms any outfit into a fashion trend and is light enough to be carried around as the summer’s perfect water-resistant pullover


2. Blazers at Gant

    • There’s something about a white blazer that makes it stand out from the crowd. If you’re wearing it with jeans or Bermula shorts, it’ll look fantastic. Combining it with a pair of suede loafers or a high-end sneaker will give you a timeless look to wear again and again
    • Suit Blazer – The perfect summer party suit jacket. To make it more elegant, it’s lined with contrast color details and made from an Italian wool-and-cashmere blend with a subtle satin look


3. Casual Preppy Summer Shirts

You may cringe at the thought of wearing a button-down shirt in the scorching summer sun. But these shirts are about to change that. Printed short-sleeve shirts from Quicksilver are the perfect way to experiment with colour and pattern during the summer. As an alternative to a full-on tropical print, adding a playful touch with smaller fun prints lends a summer vibes that’s also downplayed:

    • The versatility of a chambray or denim button-down shirt in the summer makes it a must-have. At Boggi, Reserved, and Gant.
    • A linen or stretch cotton shirt offers a classic style while keeping you cool. Stylish enough for the office, but breathable enough for summer. These are available at Boggi and Gant.


4. Pants to Wear All Summer Long

Having a pair of lightweight pants for the season that allow your legs to breathe would be a great addition. They have the finest kinds at Reserved today.

    • Stripe Trousers – White ticking stripe over navy base is perfect for when you want to dress up.
    • Denim – When it comes to blues, there are enough shades to cover just about any occasion.
    • Cargo Trousers – Cargo pants are making a comeback, and they’re not going to let you down.


5. Sandals for Summer

If you’re looking for a stylish way to let your toes run wild this summer, these sandals are the perfect wear to start with:

  • Kybun – Stylish Kybun Special Edition Sandals blend comfort and style. Sandals have a formal appearance thanks to the handmade kybun shoe with a high-quality leather completion. Ideal for use at home and in your daily life.
  • Speroni – Speroni saldals are distinguished by their ultra-refined quality thanks to the careful selection of leathers, including traditional calfskin, kidskin, kangaroo, and the softest nappas.


6. Shorts to Keep You Cool This Summer

With shorts, you can enjoy the heat without having to suffer in your hot, itchy jeans. As a result, the best shorts can be dressed up or down for any occasion, making them a must-have for any summer everyday style.

  • Suit Shorts at Gant & Boggi – Are you planning to spend time with your friends? What are your plans for the evening? Well-fitted shorts will do the trick. Shorts are no longer just a casual outfit. They are available in a variety of sophisticated styles and can be used with summer suits to create a business-like look.
  • Boggi’s Tencel shorts are composed of a biodegradable natural material that’s ultralight, breathable, doesn’t wrinkle and dries rapidly.
  • For an authentic style, these shorts are tailored in cotton twill with a touch of comfort stretch.
  • Denim Shorts at ‘Aeri’ by American Eagle – The list would be incomplete without a pair of jean shorts, sometimes known as “jorts.” This season, all colors of blue are in vogue. You may wear them casually with a T-shirt and sneakers, or dress up the look by wearing a cotton button-down shirt and loafers.

7. Swim Trunks

Modern swim trunks are made to double as the best shorts, so they’re a two-in-one item of clothing! Fit, fabric, and detailing will ensure that you are prepared to go, whether you are relaxing at home, going for a run, taking a plunge in a sun-drenched pool, or heading to a beach house in the not-too-distant future.

    • Made at a plant that meets the brand’s water recycling and reduction criteria. With a drawstring elastic waistband and a water-draining grommeted back pocket, the non-stretch fabric is comfortable and sturdy.
    • Plastic bottles have been used to create these recyclable swim shorts, great for summer beaches. Comfortable, quickly dries, and eco-friendly, the stretch fabric is a great choice. Available at American Eagle and Quicksilver, they are a great addition to any wardrobe.

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Images Source: Doha Festival City Facebook


By: Yohana Sihol Marito Manurung